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Writer's Commentary: Erik Burnham Talks Red Sonja Vol. 4 #17
This issue had Daniel HDR doing the interiors and covers by Mike McKone, Tula Lotay and Jordan Gunderson. * * * * * Heya folks, welcome to another Red Sonja commentary Erik Burnham here, and we're switching things up on the art side of things, welcoming Daniel HDR for this one-off while Carlos Gomez skips ahead to #18 Natalia[...]
Savage Tales: Vampirella One-Shot Cover by Robert Hack
Bone, Fernando Ruiz, Daniel HDR, and Mohan The art in the main story is split across Anthony Marques, J Bone, Fernando Ruiz, and Daniel HDR The art from before Vampirella arrives in the city looks far better, as it has an appealing Bruce Timm-esque vibe to it That's not to say the remainder of the art[...]
The Shadow
This one features Dan Watters talking about The Shadow #2 that he's co-writing with Si Spurrier. Cover by Tyler Kirkham and interiors by Daniel HDR. PAGE 1: As Si mentioned in the commentary for issue 1, I actually came on board with this issue, so this page was the first I ever wrote for the title So I[...]
Writer's Commentary – Si Spurrier Talks The Shadow #1
This one features Si Spurrier talking about The Shadow #1 that he's doing with Daniel HDR that comes out today Being a first issue, you know it has a few covers and we have those as well, and by some big names: Kenneth Rocafort, Michael Kaluta, Brandon Peterson, Neal Adams, and Tyler Kirkham. Hello, folks, Si Spurrier[...]
Exclusive Look Inside The Shadow #1 By Si Spurrier And Daniel HDR
Today we have an exclusive look inside the new Dynamite series The Shadow from Si Spurrier (X-Force) and Daniel HDR (Superman). For the better part of a century, the Shadow's sinister laughter brought the chill of fear to evil-doers – but in our modern times, the streets of Manhattan have gone largely silent But he is[...]
Writer's Commentary – Erik Burnham Talks KISS: Forever
Dynamite has sent us a new writer's commentary featuring Erik Burnham talking about the KISS: Forever special with cover by Yildiray Cinar with interiors by Daniel HDR. Hi everybody! Erik Burnham here with another writer's commentary. This time, the book we'll be looking at is KISS: FOREVER. Just so the title doesn't fool you, the book does, indeed, feature KISS[...]