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Devil May Cry 5 V Arrives With New Asmus Toys Figure
Asmus Toy s has already revealed Dante and Nero figures from Devil May Cry 5 so it is only fair to finish off the set V is 1/6th scales and stands 12" tall and features roughly 32 points of articulation With a high amount of likeness to the in-game character from the hair to the[...]
Dante Sees Red in New “Devil May Cry” Statue from Darkside Collectibles
Dante is back as Darkside Collectibles announces their newest Devil May Cry collectible statue This statue does have two versions as one is exclusive to Sideshow Collectibles Dante is highly detailed and is packed with interchange pieces and that is what makes this statue stand out from the rest He will come with a wide variety of[...]
“Devil May Cry V” Dante is Ready to Slay with New Asmus Toys Figure
This time Dante is taking the wheel and really packing an arsenal with his new figure from Asmus Toys Not only can you get a standard edition of the figure but you can upgrade to a Luxury edition too The luxury edition is honestly for the gamer collectors out there as it features pieces of[...]
Devil May Cry gets a Demon Slaying Good Smile Company Nendoroid
Dante has been kicking ass and watching him slice and dice his way through multiple demons and bosses was a pleasure Even that weird little spurt where we got the Devil DMC reboot game, I still kind of dug it However, this time you have something else to dig with the new Nendoroid figure portraying[...]
Dante Is Ready to Take on Hell with New "Devil May Cry" Statue
Dante the Legendary Devil Hunter has returned in the newest game entry Devil May Cry 5 Prime 1 Studios is being the Devil to us with their newest statue Dante's size varies depending on what weapon you decide to choose He comes with his sword Rebellion that he can hold or you can attach it[...]
Green Arrow #37 cover by Juan Ferreyra
Green Arrow and Black Canary can save her, but they also need to keep Moira, Merlin, and Shado from killing one another while Dante brings their base of operations crumbling down around them. On top of all this, the Trial of Oliver Queen is very close. Green Arrow #37 cover by Juan Ferreyra This is another action-heavy issue[...]
Could Joe The Inhuman From Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD Be Inferno From The Comics?
This is Dante Pertuz, from the Inhumans Created by Charles Soule and Joe Madueira, he first appeared in Inhuman #1, as a newly formed Inhuman after being hit by the worldwide Terrigen mists. Full name Dante Pertuz, Inhuman name Inferno, with the power to cover his boy in rock and emit fire, he has been a prominent[...]