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Earlier this year, Amazon Studios passed on the series pilot for Stephen King's The Dark Tower series of novels, with Amazon executives reportedly not feeling it was as strong as other big-ticket pilots that were given greenlights like Wheel Of Time and The Lord Of the Rings Developed by showrunner/executive producer Glen Mazzara (The Walking Dead),[...]
Someone is Trying to Bring Back the Old Dark Tower Board Game
Do you remember the Dark Tower board game from that '80s? It's totally okay if you don't because there's a chance it could come back Restoration Games are a company that works toward bringing back old board games from over the years that you may remember from your youth The company already had success in[...]
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The future of The Dark Tower is very much up in the air After critics savaged the movie, it got its butt kicked by a low-grade comedy for most of the month of August Now It has come on the scene as a Stephen King adaptation with zero star power and is a critical and audience[...]
Dark Tower
The good news for the franchise-starting The Dark Tower movie is that it's number one at the box office this weekend — but with the lowest amount of any #1 movie so far this year The long-awaited adaptation of the Stephen King novel series pulled in $19.5 million domestically. What appeared to be an potential summer[...]
The Dark Tower Review: From A Non-Book Reader's Perspective
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] To start off with, yes, I read books — I just haven't happened to have read any of the nine Stephen King novels which make up his self-described "magnum opus", The Dark Tower So in this case, it's one of those occasions without any particular background perspective beyond what I've seen in the trailers[...]
Dark Tower
Intended to launch a film and television franchise, the The Dark Tower combines elements from several novels in the eight-volume series, taking place partly in modern-day New York City and partly in Mid-World, Roland's Old West-style parallel universe It will be released on August 4th in the US, and so marketing is full speed ahead. Including this[...]
Stephen King's Mr. Mercedes Becomes His 5th Live-Action Adaptation Coming In 2017
We've previously written about the various properties inspired by the horror master-scribe Stephen King that are coming out this year, including the eagerly awaited film adaptations of The Dark Tower, It, and Gerald's Game, and Spike TV's The Mist (which we're not really sure if anyone was asking to be remade after the 2007 theatrical version)[...]
A New Poster for Dark Tower Emerges
A new poster has arrived ahead of the upcoming adaptation of the long-running Stephen King saga, The Dark Tower The poster shows frontiersman Roland Deschain (played by Idris Elba) and Jake Chambers (Tom Taylor) striding forward with the welcome and blessing found in the books – May your days be long upon the earth. The storyline is reported to[...]
The Dark Tower Movie Is Delayed Now Too
And the less said about Marvel's super-mega-crossover event Civil War 2, the better. Now, the movie adaptation of The Dark Tower has seen its release date pushed back, from February 17 to July 28 Though the movie is already filmed, Sony apparently wants more time to work on visual effects and promotion, according to a report from[...]
New Skottie Young Variant Cover For The Dark Tower
Marvel's The Dark Tower: The Drawing Of The Three – The Prisoners #1 may have the longest title in comics… it also has a new variant cover by Skottie Young This shows the Gunslinger Roland Deschain in Young's unique and fun style The new series is being written by Peter David and Robin Furth with[...]
New Dark Tower Rumor Has Liam Neeson Interested In Playing Roland
So Aaron Paul has "had a lot of meetings" about the Eddie Dean role in Ron Howard's The Dark Tower adaptation, but what about the gunslinger himself? Schmoes Know were quick to jump on that one, and bring word that according to their source, Liam Neeson is (or was, at some point) "interested" in the[...]
Jae Lee Illustrates Stephen King's Dark Tower Novel
The Wind Through The Keyhole is an upcoming Dark Tower novel from Stephen King, out now in a limited illustrated version before its mass market version in April. And he has recruited the artist of the Dark Tower comic books, Jae Lee, to provide illustrations Probably what Lee was doing before Before Watchmen. Here are a few… [...]
Mark Verheiden Joins Goldsman To Write Stephen King Dark Tower TV Series And Films
Deadline lets us know that Mark Verheiden, producer and writer of, well, pretty much everything including Aliens and Predator comics, Smallville, Timecop, Battlestar Galactica, Heroes and plenty more is teaming up with Akiva Goldsman, writer of the films A Beautiful Mind, The Da Vinci Code, I Am Legend and more, to write the Dark Tower[...]