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Charlie Adlard's Connecting Covers For The Walking Dead In Colour
Given that Robert Kirkman has had Dave McCaig colouring The Walking Dead for the past five years, one might also wonder what else he has planned in that time period? Here are those interlocked Charlie Adlard covers one by one, as well as a preview of the first coloured issue. All 6 Of Charlie Adlard's Connecting[...]
peter david
Irony is funny." Dave McCaig chimed in: "Firing people for engaging in hate crime is not fascism." To which Cortez asked: "What crime?" McCaig answered: "Shouting 'Jews will not replace us' while carrying torches, for a start." And Marc Andreyko added: "threatening genocide for another." But Cortez disagreed: "That's not s crime I know you fancy yourself self thought and language police but that is[...]