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Exclusive: 6-Page Bettie Page Comic By Avallone And Linsner To Appear In Playboy
We just learned exclusively that Dynamite and Playboy magazine have collaborated on a six-page exclusive Bettie Page story by David Avallone (Drawing Blood) and Joseph Michael Linsner (Dawn) that will be appearing in the November/December 2017 issue of Playboy The comic ties into the on-going monthly Bettie Page comics Dynamite is currently producing. Page was born[...]
Writer's Commentary – David Avallone Talks Bettie Page #3
Dynamite has sent us a new writer's commentary featuring David Avallone talking about Bettie Page #3 The issue has covers by Joseph Michael Linsner and Scott Chantler, Interiors by Colton Worley. * * * * * Chapter Three! Bettie in trouble with pretty much everyone, still manages to hit my favorite bar in Hollywood As always: spoilers abound! Read[...]
Writer's Commentary – David Avallone Talks Bettie Page #2
We have a new writer's commentary from Dynamite as David Avallone talks about Bettie Page #2 The book has covers by Joseph Michael Linsner and Scott Chantler Interiors by Craig Cermak and Colton Worley. * * * * * Chapter Two! We delve deeper into the mysteries of Bettie Page's secret life in 1951, and see some of my[...]
Bettie Page
Dynamite released the first issue of their new Bettie Page comic on Wednesday of last week and now they've sent us a writer's commentary for it by David Avallone The book features a cover by Terry Dodson, interiors by Colton Worley. As always, this one started with Joe Rybandt asking a question and making a suggestion[...]
Amelia Earhart Found! David Avallone Talks 'Doc Savage: The Ring Of Fire'
Straight from Dynamite, here's a Writer's Commentary from David Avallone talking about the fourth and final issue of Doc Savage: The Ring of Fire. Cover from Brent Schoonover, interiors by Dave Acosta This series is particularly topical as it deals with the mystery of Amelia Earhart, who is suddenly in the news because of a photo that[...]
Writer's Commentary – David Avallone On Doc Savage: The Ring Of Fire #3
A Writer's Commentary: David Avallone on Doc Savage: The Ring of Fire #3, on sale today from Dynamite. Cover by Brent Schoonover, and interiors by Dave Acosta. Issue Three! We finally spend more quality time with John Sunlight and Amelia Earhart! Spoilers below: read the book and come back and to find out what the hell I[...]
Bettie Page #1
The series is being written by David Avallone and drawn by Colton Worley with covers by Terry Dodson, Joseph Michael Linsner, Scott Chantler and Colton Worley. Bettie Page #1 will hit shops July 19th. Bettie Page is returning to comic shops in a new Dynamite[...]
Pinup Icon Bettie Page Returns To Comics
Iconic pinup queen Bettie Page returns to comics with a new series by David Avallone (Doc Savage: The Ring of Fire) and Colton Worely (The Shadow) for Dynamite Entertainment. Part of the release included the following statement that I am in awe of: In this latest telling, Ms Page is more modest than Ms Blaise, but peels[...]
Creating A Super-Saga – David Avallone Talks Doc Savage: Ring Of Fire
It comes from writer David Avallone and artist Dave Acosta with covers by Brent Schoonover and Anthony Marques The series brings together Doc, Pat, The Five and the mystery of Amelia Earhart I chatted with Avallone about the new series and mixing classic pulp heroes with historical figures. DAN WICKLINE: I know that you've been writing[...]
Writer's Commentary – David Avallone On The Twilight Zone: The Shadow #3
A Writer's Commentary: David Avallone talks Twilight Zone: The Shadow #3, on sale now from Dynamite. Cover by Francesco Francavilla, interiors by Dave Acosta. I knew this would be the hard one: nothing is less visual than watching a guy write a novel… but I wanted to see if I could meet that challenge. The cover. I'm relatively new[...]
Writer 2 Writer: Genevieve Valentine And David Avallone Pt 1
Today we're giving you the discussion between Genevieve Valentine, writer of Xena: Warrior Princess and David Avallone, the writer of Twilight Zone: The Shadow Here we have Genevieve asking the questions, tomorrow it will be David's turn Art for this article is by Francesco Francavilla (cover) and Dave Acosta (interiors). GENEVIEVE VALENTINE: This issue is structured halfway[...]