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The Destroyer & Inebrio Horsefeathers From Bad Idea, And Where To Get Them
The Destroyer by Mae Catt, Alberto Pinticelli and David Baron, and Inebrio Horsefeathers from Tony Millionaire and Jim Campbell *** THE DESTROYER *** Written by MAE CATT Art by ALBERTO PONTICELLI Color Art by DAVID BARON Cover by LEWIS LAROSA & RICO RENZI PLUS: An All-New BAD IDEA B-SIDE $9.99 | 72 PGS | NO ADS ON SALE December 20, 2023 Erik Strominger has[...]
Batman Beyond #23 cover by Viktor Kalvachev
He will of course, but it feeds the suspension of disbelief well. Batman Beyond #23 art by Will Conrad and Ivan Nunes Will Conrad and David Baron give this book another good treatment, with Conrad's slick and 3-D rendered style suiting Neo-Gotham perfectly The texturing is especially impressive Baron's color work balances the bright and dark colors[...]
Batman Beyond #22 cover by Viktor Kalvachev
Batman's struggle is quite compelling too; he's trying keep the peace without punching out a random civilian. The one major flaw is this little girl that is amid the chaos and her awful, "O'tay" and "I'm ahfwaid." I don't care that some children actually talk like this, it's pretty hackneyed and borderline cringe-inducing. Batman Beyond #22 art[...]
Wonder Woman Annual #2 cover by Yasmine Putri
That said, it is nice to see superhero characters who inherently get along, so it's a bit of a catch-22. Also, Blackest Night is still apparently in continuity even in DC comics that don't have Green Lantern in the name, so that's neat. Wonder Woman Annual #2 art by Marc Laming and David Baron J Calafiore, Marc Laming,[...]
Valiant High #1 cover by David LaFuente and Brian Reber
David Baron's color art is bright, saturated, and almost pastel at times, and it works mostly well Sometimes colors blend together, but that's the only flaw Most of the comic looks great. Valiant High #1 is a cute idea, and it could have worked out better than it does However, the characters are simply crammed into[...]
Shadowman #3 cover by Tonci Zonjic
If that is the intent, that's actually really cool. Ulises Arreola and David Baron split the color palette, and both color artists perform some good work Arreola's is more balanced, while Baron provides a more off-the-wall and peculiar palette Both are fitting for their part in the story. Shadowman #3 is another solidly good issue in this[...]
Eternity #5 cover by Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic
Unfortunately, Eternity's "meta" moment is lackluster too. Eternity #4 art by Trevor Hairsine, Ryan Winn, and David Baron Trevor Hairsine's artwork is very impressive though, and it copes with the big-idea existentialism very well It can also capture the emotion and significance of the little moments too, and it fits the comic near-perfectly Ryan Winn's inking brings[...]
If You're Headed To Space City Con This Weekend…
The publisher will be there with an exclusive cover by Clayton Henry and David Baron with Baron on hand to sign copies They also have two panels scheduled, and with the recent Valiant announcements, there should be lots to talk about. Friday, May 27th at 4:00 p.m CT in room #201 for VALIANT 101: NEW FANS[...]
Valiant Hits Wondercon With Exclusive Variant And New Merchandise
The will also be debuting some new merchandise including t-shirts, tote bags and infant snapsuits. The publisher will be set up at booth #2004 and will have guests that include writer Jody Houser (Faith) and acclaimed colorist David Baron (Bloodshot Reborn) They will also be part of three panels over the weekend. Friday, March 25th at 1:30[...]
Kindt And Hairsine Return For Divinity II And We Have A Look Inside
Valiant's latest superhero returns in Divinity II. The original creative team of Matt Kindt and Trevor Hairsine return with inker Ryan Winn and colorist David Baron for this new four-part miniseries.  At the height of the Cold War, the Soviet Union – determined to win the Space Race at any cost – green lit a dangerously advanced[...]
Valiant Heads To The Mile High City With Con Exclusive Variant
Plus they will have the Valiant t-shirts featuring: Bloodshot, Divinity, The Harbinger Renegades, Ninjak and X-O Manowar. They are also bringing along creators David Baron (Divinity), Steve Lieber (Quantum And Woody Must Die!) and Fred Van Lente (Ivar, Timewalker) And for those who are new to the Valiant Universe, there will be a Valiant 101 panel[...]