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BOOM! Studios Day Men Adaptation Lands A Writer
The Universal adaptation of the BOOM! Studios comic Day Men has landed Will Simmons to write the screenplay. Day Men is created by Matt Gagnon and co-written with Michael Alan Nelson with art by Brian Stelfreeze The series takes a twist on the normal vampire tale as it focuses on the humans that work to protect[...]
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Who is the ghost? Empty Man #5 reminds us that the customer is never right. Day Men #5 also seems to have a similar nihilist attitude towards, well everyone Come on, folks, a smile is just a frown turned upside down! Suicide Risk #19 at least has a more relatable world weariness about it. Fairy Quest: Outcasts #1 doesn't[...]
Could Dan Mora Be The Next Emma Rios? A Look At Hexed #1, Out Today
This week, Boom! are relaunching Hexed, Michael Alan Nelson's (Day Men) series about a supernatural thief-for-hire nicknamed "Lucifer." The first series introduced American readers to artist Emma Rios, now the critically acclaimed artist on Pretty Deadly, and she has returned to do the main covers for the second series.   But could the new artist, Dan Mora, be about to become equally as acclaimed?[...]
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But that's okay… Secret #4 fills in nicely. Though whose car it is might come into play in Day Men #3… So, what have you picked up today? Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London.   You know that time when you catch the subway but you forgot your wallet because you left it in your jacket at home along with[...]
Day Men #2's Lights Up eBay
Bleeding Cool has been following Boom! Studios' original series Day Men with art by Brian Stelfreeze since before it launched We broke the news that the first issue had sold its 12,000 copy print run That it was heating up the aftermarket and there was a rumor of a movie option from San Diego[...]
Day Men Issue Two Sells Out. Issue Three On The Way. Soon!
Bleeding Cool has been looking keenly at the performance of Boom! comic book Day Men, drawn by Brian Stelfreeze. Issue two (after it finally arrived) sold out in less than a week with a 10,200 copy print run So it's getting a second print, obviously. And just in cae you, like some thought that because there was[...]
Boom! Studios Launches Pen & Ink Line Starting With Day Men
The first book in the line will be Day Men: Pen & Ink #1 written by Matt Gagnon and Michael Alan Nelson and art by Brian Stelfreeze. "As a process junkie, the PEN & INK program is exactly the type of access to the creative process that I crave as a fan," shared Vice President of Publishing[...]
Will Day Men #2 Follow The Same Trend as Issue #1?
Bleeding Cool has been tracking the BOOM! Studios original series, Day Men, since before the first issue released The series marked one of the biggest artist gets for BOOM! with Brian Stelfreeze returning to interiors specifically for this series And we've been following ts performance. Bleeding Cool first stated had sold out, with the print run[...]
The Rumors Were True – Day Men Optioned By Universal
A few weeks ago we ran a story about rumors swirling around Boom! Studios new series Day Men by Matt Gagnon, Michael Alan Nelson and Brian Stelfreeze and how the studios were sneaking over to get copies of the book Well, is reporting that Universal has indeed optioned the month old property for what is being described as "a[...]
What's All The Buzz About Day Men?
And the rumor swirling the most is that Day Men is the next to get optioned.  The book, Brian Stelfreeze's return to monthly comics, premiered at SDCC and created quite a buzz There were even reports of some movie studios sending folks over incognito to pick up copies from Boom's booth Can't let the competition know[...]
Day Men #1 Sells Out 12,000 Print Run
 Day Men #1 has sold out at the distributor level of its full 12,000 printing after going on sale last week and Boom! are setting up a second printing, cover above. Thanks for the stats folks, here's the plug;   DAY MEN #1 is the first time Brian Stelfreeze has drawn interiors on a regular series since 2005[...]
BC Mag #5: Day Men Revealed
But one of the books that has the most interesting twist is the upcoming title, Day Men Written by Matt Gagnon and Michael Alan Nelson with art by Brian Stelfreeze, this new take on vampires and their henchmen promises to give vampire fans something they haven't seen before In this world, 50 families of vampires[...]