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Image Watch: Spreading The Love Of Spread With Justin Jordan & Kyle Strahm
Dead Body Road is probably the most grim, but even there I think Cobb is fairly amusing But this being a horror book, I think humor is actually fairly important. I don't think you need comic relief in horror, but I think small moments of something funny happening set you up for the hits to come later[...]
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We get a nice percussive pattern from today's Dead Body Road to begin…. …to some fine foul mouthed behaviour from Sheltered… …to the very mockingness of Eltingville… … to the despairing language of Lazarus, used to very visibly distinguish between the two groups here. Though if you are looking for the foulest of language, sometimes you just need Bleeding Cool's publish[...]
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foxes. Deadly Class asks an interesting question, to which I would answer "A crap boy band from the noughties I think, who will all end up in end-of-the-pier reality TV shows before being exposed by a tabloid." Dead Body Road gives us the importance of diet when pursuing your prey But sometimes you just need motivation[...]
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Just watch me. Why? I'm begging because the guy in the previous panel asked me to beg! Don't you know how these X Thoughts About X Comics columns usually go? Still, Dead Body Road, nice ccr action sequences Very Sean Gordon Murphy… This, folks, is how Hannah Means Shannon will be playing the role of editor-in-chief at[...]