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Hulk got a rock?


Now Watcher got a rock. Welcome to another look through the week's comics, courtesy of friends and relatives. But how are you feeling today? Tense, nervous headache?


If this were any other drama, you might expect this as foreshadowing of a tumour, cancer, pregnancy, something. In a comic book like Justice United #0? You're about to become a superhero…

bat supe

I do enjoy the final page from Batman/Superman #9. With the word "now" meaning "three weeks ago".


Catwoman gives us out first DC reference to Bitcoin… but wouldn't Dogecoin have been more apt?


Daredevil… she he never learns, does he? never, ever learns. How long until Charlie is fishfood?


In Fantastic Four, Johnny Storm is dealing with… a loss in the family.


And Larfleeze gives us… a very different kind of Endless. Larfleeze Overture?

Some say that swearing isn't big and it isn't clever. I disagree, I think there's a true art to it, and such vulgarity should be embraced as part of a rich vocabulary, not seen as the signs of a poor one. From Shakespeare's suggestions of "country matters" to the moden return to such classical insults in The Avengers' "mewling quim", from Four Weddings "fuck-a-doodle-doo" to The Thick Of It's "come the fuck in or fuck the fuck off" to The Wire's "fuck fuck fuck" procedural scene, to In The Loop's " Eff Asterisk Asterisk Cunt!" there's a long standing history to be embraced here.

And that's why we have Image Comics. We get a nice percussive pattern from today's Dead Body Road to begin….

dead body road

…to some fine foul mouthed behaviour from Sheltered


…to the very mockingness of Eltingville


… to the despairing language of Lazarus, used to very visibly distinguish between the two groups here.


Though if you are looking for the foulest of language, sometimes you just need Bleeding Cool's publish Avatar Press to provide the readies. Except this week things are a little toned down… the Crossed are a little more playful with their language in the Crossed Annual.

crossed ann

As well as the punchline depending on how familiar you are with the output of the Worzels.


Even Gravel jumps from the sweary to the precise magical terminology, moving from one sphere of influence to another.


Uber is more about the violence than the language. Well, it was a different time…


And even Crossed Badlands is more about what you can't say. And for Red Lamnterns, as ever, it helps to have the kind of lisp that I have when pronouncing the letter "R", and be British, for one character to have added amusement in the language stakes.


Heh heh.

24 #1

24 #1, just like the Crossed Annual, seems to have a thing for grandmothers being described in unfortunate terms…

EW_008_crop (1)

Eternal Warrior gives us an old time fan of Valiant comics it seems. He won't like what the new lot of done with his characters I'll bet.


Like this from Harbinger. It's just not very Jim Shooter is it?

five ghosts

While reading Five Ghosts I wondered if this is how Fabian Nicieza remembers his days at Valiant.


Fuse gives us something closer to, well, Alex + Ada.

Star Trek #32

And Star Trek #32 gives us something een closer.


Skullkickers, like George Lucas,  knows the money is in the merchandise.


While Regular Show remembers those collectible pogs – if not how to play them.

TMNT New Animated Adventures #10

Even if they are a little prone to wear and tear, as in TMNT New Animated Adventures. Though, you know, living in sewers, there's always the danger of water damage.

City #3

City #3 shows us a Turtle's worst nightmare…

G.I. Joe A RaH #201

Okay, spike pits in tunnels are pretty bad too, as in G.I. Joe A Real Action Hero #201

Layout 1

I never understood Voltron. So I definitely don't understand how it could be seen as an acceptable replacement for Robotech

Godzilla #11

Especially when you have a Mecha Godzilla to hand, as in Godzilla #11.

Layout 1

With the death and destruction he brings, maybe Ash From The Sky might be more appropriate.

Layout 1

From Moriarty, more gangs of maurauders should announce themselves on attack don't you think? Even if the peasants they are attacking appear somewhat death. They're called "Wolfpack" mate!

Layout 1

Game Of Thrones there. Winter is coming. Seriously, how long have we been waiting now? Might as well not bother….

Layout 1

And certainly if Winter is coming, a certain Lady Rawhide might want to cover up a tad.

Danger Girl May Day #1

Even Danger Girl May Day knows the danger of exposing the upper thigh…

Rogue Trooper #3

Rogue Trooper #3 tells us what help doesn't look like. Which means we are one step closer to knowing what it does look like.

Robots in Disguise #28

Transformers: Robots in Disguise #28 gives us the logical next step for the Sharknado franchise.


Shotgun Wedding #4 gives us our craziest eye stare yet. While Bravest Warriors knows the kind of complex emotional connection comics need these days.


Also how helmets get in the way. Midas Flesh has a different take on that, however.


See, sometimes they can keep you alive and also keep floating dead bodies out of your hair as well.


See, I know what Evil Empire is trying to say here? But it just comes off as a euphemism for something unsettling. Anyway, it's time for me to go and pick up the kids from school. What kind of reaction might I be expecting?



Thank you Peanuts, yes, that's pretty close to what I was expecting…

So, what did you read this week?

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