Her Universe's Must Have Monday Deal: Studio Ghibli

 Champions of the social media sales game, the folks at HU posted their newest set of "Monday Must Haves", which just happen to be from their Studio Ghibli line.Fans of the classic animated feature films Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Howl's Moving Castle, and Kiki's Delivery Service will instantly recognize the designs featured in today's deals:The Howl's[...]

PSA: Theme Hospital Is Free On Origin Right Now

Theme Hospital will no doubt have been the staple of a ton of your lives at some point. The game was on of the most popular simulators when it came out in 1997 and I know it still has quite a few fans who wouldn't mind seeing an updated version. If you can't find an […]

Now Is The Time To Go DVD And Blu-Ray Shopping Crazy

Here's a list of Blu-rays that you can currently snap up for under $10 in the pre-emptive, proto-Black Friday deals at Amazon You'll find more by clicking around from these deals, but this selection are my favourites: X-Men: First Class - $9.99Pulp Fiction - $8.99Jackie Brown - $8.99Inglourious Basterds - $9.49Peter Jackson's King Kong (both edits)[...]