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Welcome to Saturday Night Previews, where we attach snarky headlines to previews of next week's comics and call it "journalism." Black Canary and Deathstroke are trapped in the Ghost Zone in this preview of Deathstroke Inc #5, and somehow we don't think bustin' makes them feel good Check out the preview below. DEATHSTROKE INC #5 DC Comics 1121DC053 1121DC054[...]
The Future Of Deathstroke At DC Comics
Today sees the publication of Deathstroke Inc #1 by Josh Williamson and the incomparable Howard Porter And because this is a Josh Williamson book, there is plenty to dig over and wonder how it may play into the wider DC Universe, what with him writing Batman, Infinite Frontier, and Robin So when we get a[...]
Black Canary Teams Up In Deathstroke Inc #1 Howard Porter Art Preview
And we also get a look at Howard Porter's artwork on the series written by Josh Williamson – and the knowledge that he will be coloured by Jordie Bellaire as well. Black Canary Joins Deathstroke in Art Preview Of Deathstroke Inc #1 by Josh Williamson and Howard Porter Black Canary Joins Deathstroke in Art Preview by Josh[...]
Deathstroke Inc.
In February, DC Comics made a presentation to ComicsPRO and mentioned a bunch of new titles, namely Deathstroke Inc, a Harley Quinn Animated Series sequel, a Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary title, Elseworld, DC Vampires, Robin and Batman, Joker: A Puzzle Box, The Legend of Batman, Crush and Lobo, Nubia and the Amazons and DC Middle Ages[...]