Debbie Reynolds

'The Orville': "A Happy Refrain" is Rom-Com Ex Machina [SPOILER REVIEW]

If there's one way to describe The Orville– it can be a little too eager to please. The episode offers a payoff of sorts to the relationship between Dr. Claire Finn (Penny Jerald Johnson) and Isaac (Mark Jackson). The episode begins with Finn wanting to show her appreciation to Isaac for everything's he's done for her […]

"More to Come From Carrie" Todd Fisher Assures Carrie Fisher Fans

The 2nd anniversary of the passing of Carrie Fisher happened this past week, and with the grim date came beautiful tributes to the Princess General from her family and friends, as well as fans across the galaxy. One of the most interesting comments came from Todd Fisher, Carrie's brother. In a recent interview segment with ABC News […]

HBO Documentary About Carrie Fisher And Debbie Reynolds Moved To Jan 7th

In an ironic twist, HBO has had a documentary titled Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds focused on the mother/daughter duo waiting on the shelf since premiering it back at Cannes. It had been intended to be premiered in March, but in light of their passing, HBO has decided to move the date up to January 7th at 8 p.m. (ET/PT).

Debbie Reynolds Has Passed Away At Age 84

Just one day after the death of her daughter, Carrie Fisher, Hollywood legend Debbie Reynolds has died, according to several sources including TMZ and Variety editor Stuart Oldham. "She wanted to be with Carrie," Debbie Reynolds' son tells me. — Stuart Oldham (@s_oldham) December 29, 2016 With a career spanning eight decades, Reynolds starred in […]

Carrie Fisher's Mom, Debbie Reynolds, Rushed To Hospital With Possible Stroke

It seems like 2016 is just determined to go down as a year that would not stop delivering bad news until the very last possible moment. In a cruel continuation of the week's events with the Fisher family, TMZ is reporting that actress Debbie Reynolds has suffered a "medical emergency". Paramedics were dispatched to son Todd […]

Carrie Fisher Passes Away At Age 60

It's with a very heavy heart here that we have to report that Carrie Fisher passed away this morning. She has suffered cardiac arrest while flying from London to Los Angeles on December 23rd and was rushed to the hospital. Simon Halls, a spokesman for the family, put out this statement: It is with a […]