Back to the Future II Levitating Statue from Kids Logic

Back to the Future II DeLorean Levitates with Kids Logic

The statue shows off the stylish DeLorean time machine is all of its futuristic glory Doc Brown has returned from the past to warn his protege of his dangerous future This new DeLorean features some new modifications and Kid Logic brings it to life with a beautiful piece The Back to the Future statue features[...]


Back to the Future is Back With Statues from Factory Entertainment

Doctor Brown knows exactly what I mean as Back to the Future’s iconic ride the Delorean returns once again Factory Entertainment is bringing not one but two statues to the present that fans can get excited about The first one is kind of wacky as Biff and his band of goons learns their lesson with[...]

"GRIP: Combat Racing" Adds The Iconic DeLorean 2650 With New DLC

GRIP: Combat Racing is getting a blast from the past as they will be adding the DeLorean 2650 to the game in a new DLC package For a mere $2, you can now add this special car to the game and race in style Well, race in '80s style, and pretend Doc Brown decided to[...]

Mondo Back to the Future Poster 1

Back to the Future Trilogy Posters, Pins From Mondo On Sale Tomorrow

Each film's version of the DeLorean will also be available as a pin by Tom Whalen Check everything out below, and make sure to follow Mondo on Twitter, that's the first place they put the live link when they put stuff up for sale.Tomorrow we will have a collection of new posters for one of[...]

[#SXSW] Walking Through the Ready Player One Activation

And, then the highlight of the build-out for me especially, was a full replica of the hero DeLorean-  complete with a flux capacitor and a movie-appropriate “Parzival” license plate I definitely did not hold up the line with photos in a variety of poses to satiate my inner 10-year-old.As an added bonus -- my[...]