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Cancelled Comic Cavalcade
ComicConnect has been running the Denny O'Neil Estate Collection session of the March Mega Monthly Auction but this had to be the prize item of the collection His collection of the Cancelled Comics Cavalcade volumes sold yesterday for $11,000 after 54 bids for what is basically a collection of photocopies. In the mid-seventies, DC Comics expanded its line with[...]
Cancelled Comic Cavalcade
ComicConnect has been running the Denny O'Neil Estate Collection session of the March Mega Monthly Auction but this has to be the prize item of the collection. Legendary comic book writer and editor, he wrote an amazing column for Bleeding Cool, replicating his notes for his New York University comic book and graphic novel writing classes he held in[...]
Denny O'Neil's Personally Bound Copies Of Epic Illustrated On Auction
Denny O'Neil was a sweetheart of a man, who I had the pleasure of meeting on multiple occasions at conventions over the years He was always cordial, good for a story of two, and really cared about comics as an industry and art form He also wrote for BC in the past, which always made[...]
Comics Folk Talk Dennis ONeil
We begin with Neal Adams, his long-standing collaborator on X-Men, Green Lantern/Green Arrow and Batman, WE'VE LOST A HERO Denny O'Neil has died after having filled our lives with the pleasure of his work. Why was, and how was, Denny so special and important? Like Hemmingway, writing is a result of the life you led before setting pen to[...]
The Toys That Made Us Season 2, Episode 2: Transformers!
Quite a bit of what we know today is due to three people at Marvel Comics from the '80s: Jim Shooter, Denny O'Neil (who is credited with naming Optimus Prime — I never knew that), and Bob Budiansky, who was tasked with naming and coming up with character histories for the first 24 Transformers and then[...]
75 Years Of The Emerald Archer
But it wasn't until 1969 when the Emerald Archer was placed in the creative hands of Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams and teamed with the Green Lantern that the character grew into prominence, having his fortune stripped away and turning him into a crusader for the common man. Runs by the likes of Mike Grell, Kevin[...]
Preview Of The Shadow 1941: Hitler's Astrologer
The collected series was written by Denny O'Neil with art by Michael Kaluta. Re-Mastered and available for the first time in over two decades! On Easter Sunday of April 1941, a young woman pushes through the Manhattan crowds, racing for her life It's a chase that will lead from the bustling American metropolis all the way[...]
On A Spoiled For Choice Weekend, New York Comic Fest Remains Unique – Photogallery
And the icing on the cake was having many knowledgeable guests taking part in the panels who had "been there" during significant milestones in comics history like Jim Salicrup, Ann Nocenti, Denny O'Neil, Paul Levitz, and the much-in-demand Scott Snyder and Mark Waid Walking through artist alley which was, essentially, everywhere rather than in a[...]
The Shadow Masters Series – Dynamite Expands Shadow Publishing Program
The Shadow 1941: Hitler's Astrologer sold out immediately when it shipped showing the demand for the classic Denny O'Neil and Mike Kaluta story So Dynamite Entertainment has not only taken the book back to press for a second printing, but they're going to see if lightning will strike twice. A second volume has been announced focusing[...]
The Mark Waid Signing In Vermont That Never Was… Or Was It?
The first year was all about establishing ourselves and just making it by, the second year we were actually starting to make a profit, and then shortly after our second anniversary the industry and the "downtown" for Winooski, Vermont both took a dramatic nosedive simultaneously.  Despite all of the ups-and-downs, though, it was a great[...]
Monday Runaround – Fifteen Years Of Black Action Figures
October 2009, behind a 13.04% increase in graphic novel sales. Writer Denny O'Neil's Road to New York and Marvel Comics Getting started in the comics industry is never an easy task Here writer and editor Denny O'Neil tells the tale of his journey to a job in comic books, complete with hitchhiking, Rosh Hashanah, Stan Lee and[...]