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Happy Birthday, Batman! From ALL Your Friends & Family… at Warner Bros. [VIDEO]

It's Batman's 80th birthday, and DC Comics isn't going to let anyone on the planet forget it. They've released a 3-minute video of just about everyone wishing a fictional man who dresses up as a bat "happy birthday".

Well, just about "everyone" in the Warner Brothers stable anyway…

If you watch the video – and why wouldn't you? – you will see the cast from the CW's Supergirl, The Flash, Black Lightning, Legends of Tomorrow, Roswell, New Mexico, All-American, and Batwoman. It also features tributes from the cast of the DC Universe series Doom Patrol and Young Justice and Fox's Gotham, SyFy's Krypton, and upcoming Epix Batman prequel series Pennyworth.

batman birthday

For many people, this is the first chance to see most of the cast members of Batwoman and Pennyworth. There are so many British actors here that Americans wouldn't have previously heard of.

I wonder why nobody from Arrow was in this video…

It also features the cast of Blindspot, Queen Sugar, God Friended Me, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and well-known voice actors who have played major characters from the cast of the Batman animated shows and movies.

Now, you might be wondering why the cast of non-DC shows are in this video, as nice as it is to see them. That's because all these shows are produced by Warner Brothers, even if they're broadcast on different networks. I just hope they weren't forced at gunpoint to wish happy birthday to a made-up crazy rich guy who dresses up as a bat.

After the video is done showing all the good-looking TV stars, they started showing the good-looking hosts of the DC Universe daily talk shows (of course) and some of the key writers of Batman who helped define the character between the 1970's and the 2000's – names such as Denny O'Neil, Paul Dini and Marv Wolfman.

Hey, if you like Batman and any of the shows featured in this video, this is a pretty good present for a slow weekend.

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