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New Desperados III DLC Brings Back The Eagles Nest Fortress
THQ Nordic has released a new DLC for Desperados III that brings back the legendary fortress to the game with a return to Eagles Nest The latest DLC brings us Chapter Three, which is being called "Money For The Vultures", which will lead the gang back to the legendary bandit fortress in the middle of[...]
Desperados III Receives A new Interactive Trailer
To celebrate the release Desperados III, THQ Nordic released a special trailer this week featuring all of the characters in miniature form In this trailer, actions speak more than words At least that's the way the developers view it as they have created this special trailer of real-life miniature action figures, which was staged in[...]
Desperados III Receives A new Interactive Trailer
Before THQ Nordic releases Desperados III, the development team is getting creative with a brand new interactive trailer You may have seen trailers like this in the past or even interactive adventures where you are given a piece of a story and have to make one of two choices Depending on which annotation you click[...]
Desperados 3 Special Edition
THQ revealed a new Collector's Edition of Desperados III this week, complete with a set of five gold figures and more for your enjoyment This set looks to have a lot of awesome stuff, starting with the five figurines of the five Desperados: John Cooper, Kate O'Hara, Doc McCoy, Isabelle Moreau, and Hector Mendoza On[...]
"Desperados 3" Unveils A New Character With Isabelle Moreau
She cannot use just any blood for this, as it has to be her very own. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Desperados III – Isabelle Moreau Reveal Trailer ( THQ Noric has revealed the latest character coming to their upcoming release of Desperados 3 as we're introduced to Isabelle Moreau[...]