Josh Blaylock & Mark Powers Launch The Encoded on Kickstarter

Josh Blaylock, the founder of Chicago-based publisher Devil's Due Comics, has been expanding the company's library lately by taking his concepts to Kickstarter. Following the successful campaigns for his "archeopunk" title Arkworld that envisions a lost advanced civilization in Earth's distant history as well Mercy Sparx #14, the conclusion to a long-running arc on Devil's Due's flagship title, Blaylock brings a new comic to the crowdfunding platform with The Encoded.

The Encoded covers. Credit: Devil's Due Comics
The Encoded covers. Credit: Devil's Due Comics

Continuing Devil's Due's trend of "prestige format," The Encoded Book 1 will run 48 pages. Blaylock co-writes and co-creates with X-Men writer Mark Powers while Jethro Moralesillustrates and Juan M. Rodriguez colors. The Kickstarter page pitches this futuristic series as such:

"In the year 2055 the world runs on almost magical A.I. tech, with one catch… To ensure it never becomes too powerful, cities must often initiate "Analog Protocol," switching off all networked devices and living a life like their pre-internet ancestors… … making it a very good time to settle scores. The Encoded is one part Minority Report meets The Purge, and another part a reverse twist on the classic Man vs. Machine story where it's the humans that are the out of control zealots. The Encoded Asks: What if our future fears of a tyrannical A.I. turn out to be unfounded, but nevertheless, humanity's own irrational response forces it to fight back?"

Blaylock's Arkworld showed off a wild, in-depth take on the past that seemed rich in research and history, so it'll be interesting to see what he does with the future.

Blaylock and Powers previously worked together on the series Drafted, also published by Devil's Due Comics, back in 2007. The Encoded sees the two writers team up for another sci-fi adventure over a decade later.

Devil's Due also recently announced the acquisition of Mercy Sparx by MGM with screenwriter Nick Shafir attached.

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