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Hector Torres, The New PRH International Comics Senior Sales Manager
The direct market, for those who need a little catch up, is the non-returnable comic book distribution system set up by Phil Seuling in the seventies to serve North American comic book shops, and taken more globally by Diamond Comic Distributors in the nineties Because Penguin Random House (PRH), recently appointed the exclusive direct comic[...]
Your LCS Is Worried About The Big DC Comics/Diamond News
After talking with some people today, the Direct Market for comics may be on its last legs I hope not, as comic shops are a vital cog in the industry and community they reside in, and sadly it feels like nobody is taking the time to worry about us One thing I do know is[...]
Hall of Justice Virtual Background
Right now that means comic retailer plans to fix the direct market, possible plans from Diamond to begin distribution again and, of course, Zoom backgrounds Welcome all, to the daily Lying In The Gutters a long-running run around the day before and the day ahead You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail[...]
It has the aim of remaking the direct market of comic book retailers, when the industry returns to printing, publishing and distribution Hibbs was notably opposed to the ComicHub plan to provide digital versions of pre-ordered print comics through stores This is what they, and other retailers, are suggesting instead, for those stores that make[...]
diamond uk
This is, however, seen as a first step. Diamond UK is the sub-distributor of Diamond Comic Distributors, with a monopoly on direct market distribution to comic book stores for Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, IDW, Boom, Dynamite and most other major American comic book publishers Diamond, on both sides of the Atlantic, has been closed to[...]
Photo of Stu Colson by Sue Colson in Heroes For Sale
Bleeding Cool has been reporting widely the effect that the current coronavirus pandemic has on the comic books industry, specifically the direct market comic book industry We have seen comic shops shut down under government mandate and fear of infection Comic publishers pull back on their publication schedule or stop publishing entirely The direct market[...]
Yesterday, Bleeding Cool put forward a modest proposal on how to deal with the coronavirus pandemic's effect on the direct market of the comic book industry in a world where printers have closed, distributors have closed and shopfronts have closed – and this could be the way of things for the next three months. We proposed[...]
How retailers are to get hold of the comics without Diamond, or sell them if they can't open, is not touched upon. Last week, we sent out a statement to the comics community in which we pledged our support for the Direct Market during the current health and economic crisis We've been keeping a very close[...]
IDW Publishing Makes Less Than 40% of It's Revenue From the Direct Market
At that time, the company had a comprehensive loss of $35.6 million since October 2017. You can read about the new stock offering in great detail here, but we also wanted to highlight this interesting portion of the 55-page memorandum sent to stockholders which describes how IDW Publishing makes its money. IDW Publishing's comic book and trade[...]
DC Collectibles Feb Collage
Announced product was canceled, blamed on lack of interest or orders from the Direct Market, without consumers being informed Worst of all, many, many products have been hit with ridiculous shipping delays Some of this has been corrected as of late, but not all of it. DC Collectibles already has a, shall we say…not strong relationship[...]
Could You Die Because You Didn't Pre-Order a Comic Book? Jughead: The Hunger #9
The comic book direct market system is obviously the best system for distributing comics the world has ever seen, one which must honored and preserved at all costs, for the sake of… (checks to see if anyone is listening) Good, they're gone. Okay, we all know it's a pretty goddamn crappy system First of all, while[...]
Hasbro Doubles Down On The Direct Market With Individual Figure Orders
Targets and Toys R Us are a blink and you miss them proposition (thanks scalpers!), and many of us have taken to preordering off websites like Big Bad Toy Store, Dorkside Toys, and Entertainment Earth to get our hands on these things. Now, there is another way… This week, Hasbro, for the first time, has decided to[...]
The Heavy Cost Of Returnability?
The direct market of comic stores was set up on the non-returnability model Rather than getting all manner of comics in a haphazard unreliable fashion from newsstand distribution, retailers could order exactly what they wanted of exactly which comics they wanted And were then stuck with them, for a higher discount than the returnability option[...]
My Monthly Curse by Phill Hall #5 – The Value Of Everything
The main reason for this growth was the advent of something called the Direct Market – quite possibly one of the least sexy things about a very unsexy industry. Since their creation comicbooks have been traditionally sold on the US newsstands and on a strictly sale or return basis (SOR) Comics[...]
Bonfire – A New Ad Agency For The Comics Ethnic Demographic
But what if a company was able to buy ad space in a hundred different comics, with a combined readership that dwarfed Marvel or DC's? That's Bonfire's aim, to utilise page space currently used for house ads, or not even present at all yet, in a host of publishers books, for advertising. I think that's genius. Then[...]