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Thor #12 Review: This Is A Mess
Credit: Marvel First of all, let's look at the meat of the matter: for most of this issue, Donald Blake fights Throg, the Frog of Thunder, and his pal from the Inhumans, the teleporting giant dog Lockjaw Why? Well, he wants revenge on everyone touched by Odin's power to bear the mantle of Thor for leaving[...]
Doctor Strange, Asgardian God Vs Donald Blake – And Knull
Today's Thor #12 sees Doctor Strange, attacked by Doctor Donald Blake and defended by Doctor Jane Foster (the Three Doctors, folks) remember another time and another battle in another comic book. Thor #12 by Donny Cates and Nic Klein As Loki had become the Sorceror Supreme, so Doctor Stephen Strange became an Asgardian God Just the kind[...]
Thor #10 Review: A Really Hard Sell
The All-Father Thor is all but absent from this frustrating issue that posits the idea that Donald Blake — the manufactured identity Thor's father Odin created to teach the Thunder God humility, has returned from years in a place that was not a place, gone absolutely bonkers and has usurped Thor's powers in order to[...]
The Horror When A Creator Forgets His Creation - Thor #9 Spoilers
When Thor was first introduced into the Marvel Universe, he shared a body and identity with Dr Donald Blake, whose walking stick transformed into the mighty hammer Mjolnir, and Donald into the Norse great god of thunder, Thor Just how it was they shared a body, mind, memories, life, was never really explored It was[...]
Marvel Comics Full December 2020 Solicits Leads With The King In Black
And in December? Marvel Comics is describing the story, drawn by Nic Klein as "perhaps Donny Cates' darkest story yet" as Thor has to deal with whatever it is Donald Blake is now after all those years… Should we start calling him Donny Darko? I think we should, yes. Donny Cates Darkest Comic Yet? Thor #10[...]