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Double Take To Launch Four New Titles Simultaneously In December
Double Take has announced that it will be launching four new series simultaneously this December Three of these series will continue the stories of characters started in their previous series Remote, Dedication and Home while the fourth starts a completely new tale All of these titles, as with the initial ten, are built off of[...]
Double Take Trades Are More Than Just A Collected Edition
Not long ago Double Take took the unique step of launching 10 new comics simultaneously on the same day All of the stories launched from the same place, the 1968 film Night of the Living Dead These titles included: Rise, Slab, Medic, Soul, Honor, Dedication, Spring, Z-Men, Remote and Home Now, five issues in, it's[...]
Double Take Goes Classical To Promote 3rd Issues And Pack
Double Take, the company the created 10 new interrelated comics using Night of the Living Dead as the catalyst point has made this new trailer to remind folks that the third issue of each series will be out on February 24th The books will be sold individually or in a superpack as they had done[...]
Double Take Offers Up Free Daily Comic Over 10 Days
Starting today and going for 10 business days total, Double Take is going to be offering up their 2nd issues comics for the 10 on-going titles, one per day A new title will be offered every 24 hours starting at 4 pm EST today at: Today's free issue is Medic #2: Undead on Arrival.   Starting today[...]
Double Take Zombie Super Packs Get Into Every Barnes & Noble Ahead Of Christmas
Double Take has published two "Super Packs", collecting the first and second ten issues of their sixties-set zombie comics, And from the first week of December, the packs will be available at all 647 Barnes & Noble stores. They're being positioned as holiday gifts Because that's so much in keeping with the season, period zombie slaughter comic books[...]
The Second And Third Super Packs From Double Take You May Have Missed
Earlier this year, Double Take, the comic spinoff of Take2Games, launched a new line of zombie comics. Set in the sixties they are based on the public domain Night Of The Living Dead movie, though we understand they are moving towards a modern day post zombie apocalypse superhero universe. As a promotional (and stocking) tool[...]
Double Take To Work With Other Publishers On Next 'Super Packs'
Double Take are the comic spinoff publisher from Take2 Games They launched recently with ten ongoing zombie comics, spinning out of Night Of The Living Dead with the yet unannounced idea of using them to stealth launch a superhero universe built on a zombie apocalypse. They also sold a discount set of all ten first issues[...]
Bill Jemas Writes To All Comic Book Retailers With Free Comics
Bill Jemas has sent a letter to all comic book retailers in the USA with free copies of the first and second Double Take Superpacks of ten launch zombie titles, all sequels to Night Of The Living Dead, one of which, X-Men, has already been optioned as a movie. He writes, Greetings! I know many of you from[...]
Double Take Zombie Comics Sell Out – And Bill Jemas Says They Won't Be Reprinted
And slowly sales began to rise. Well, he's trying it again with his Ultimate Night Of The Living Dead comics from Double Take The single first issues of the ten zombie comic series have sold out, including the film-optioned Z-Men, although the ten packs are still available (possibly the ones Hot Topic sent back). Could this make[...]
Jeff McComsey Talks Z-Men, Rise And Double Take
Double Take launched their 10 titles in a day based on the Night of the Living Dead recently and I had a chance to talk with the writer of two of the company's flagship titles, Jeff McComsey Jeff writes Z-Men and co-writes Rise with Michael Coast Here he talks about the two series and how[...]
Bill Jemas Is Publishing 10 Zombie Comics In September
We mentioned that Bill Jemas was publishing and co-writing a couple of zombie comic books in July this year, dubbed "Ultimate Night Of The Living Dead" for Double Take, the comic book spinoff from Take2 Interactive Software. Well those two issues appear to have been revamped and resolicited for July… and they are bringing some friends[...]
Ultimate Night Of The Living Dead – 3 New Comics From Double Take
This June, the will dead rise again as Double Take (2T) launches Ultimate Night of the Living Dead, with three new comics set in the universe of the 1968 film Two series, Rise and Z-Men are written by Jeff McComsey, while the third, Home, is written by Moth Grand Slam Champion, Peter Aquero Digital previews[...]