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Drew Ford's It's Alive is offering a deal conducive to this: until the end of April, It's Alive is offering PDF downloads of seven comic books for a price of your own choosing The titles available: PINK LEMONADE #1 by Nick Cagnetti ($3.99) BREATHERS #1 by Justin Madson ($7.99) HOLLER #1 by Jeremy Massie ($5.99) DOSE! #1 by Sean[...]
Aztec Ace
Drew Ford has launched a Kickstarter for Aztec Ace: The Complete Collection, which will collect every issue of the comic in a 500-page book. Aztec Ace: The Complete Collection will be a 500+ page, action-packed, intellectual, time-travel adventure starring a citizen of the original Aztec Empire named Caza (AKA Ace) Traveling between the ancient world and[...]
It's Alive Brings Back Sam Glanzman's 'Combat' on Kickstarter
It's Alive, Drew Ford's IDW reprint imprint (rimprint?), has revealed its next project on Kickstarter: Sam Glanzman's Combat A press release explains the details: Three issues are being Kickstarted by Eisner-nominated IT'S ALIVE! publisher Drew Ford Two of the three issues have already been successfully Kickstarted, but all three will be available in the new campaign[...]
Putting Together A Tribute Book To Sam Glanzman – Your Help Needed
The comics career of Sam Glanzman was recently resurrected and revived by Drew Ford, reprinting his old war comics from Marvel Comics from Dover Comics and commissioning new stories for the IDW comics imprint It's Alive! As a result, at 92 years old, it is likely that Glanzman became the oldest comic book writer and[...]
Fires & Murmur And Umbra From Dover Books Squeak Out As Drew Ford Leaves
Drew Ford may have left Dover Books to set up his own It's Alive! imprint But there are two more comics we didn't mention in two previous posts set up by Drew for Dover Books that have squeaked out despite his departure They are Fires & Murmur by Lorenzo Mattotti, and Umbra by Stephen Murphy & Mike Hawthorne. Drew[...]
Drew Ford Leaves Dover Books, Starts New Publisher, It's Alive!
Drew Ford is the man who brought a comic book line to Dover Books, reviving and reprinting what were once thought of as lost masterpieces by the most obsessive of comic book fans It garnered him a 2016 Eisner nomination for Puma Blues And now… he has left Dover Books. Instead, he is setting up his[...]