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Styles awkwardly transitioned this into a challenge for Bryan's coach, Drew Gulak, who had technically left WWE for a week due to contract issues but, thanks to the Smackdown taping schedule, no one had to bring it up Gulak was more than happy to oblige. Gulak won the match, and cleanly no less! Gulak reversed a[...]
Hopefully Hangman Page takes a shower before the eating commences.
We've got news on Matt Riddle heading to the main roster, Drew Gulak returning to Smackdown, Britt Baker's boyfriend appearing at an AEW event, and who can eat Hangman Page's ass We'll save that last one for the end. Goldberg and Matt Riddle meet backstage, courtesy of WWE. Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss According[...]
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That's exactly what happened, though, because get this: Drew Gulak has been released from his WWE contract. Gulak wrestled Daniel Bryan in a quarterfinal match for the Intercontinental Championship tournament on Friday Night Smackdown, and the announcers and a post-match interview made it seem like Gulak's story wasn't over after his loss. However, just a day later,[...]
Drew Gulak and Cesaro kicked off WrestleMania 36 Saturday with a pre-show match In addition to giving us our first taste of WrestleMania without an audience, and our first look at the set, the match also proved that even though WWE may have split WrestleMania into two different nights, there's still room for someone to[...]
Elimination Chamber 2020: Daniel Bryan vs Drew Gulak
This year's event kicks off with fan-favorite Daniel Bryan vs Drew Gulak This even-keeled match was the perfect way to start off Elimination Chamber For the past few weeks on SmackDown, Gulak has been taunting Bryan, telling him he's been studying him That he can exploit his weaknesses By far and large, Gulak can absolutely[...]