Elimination Chamber 2020: Daniel Bryan vs Drew Gulak

Well, here we are! The last WWE Pay Per View before WrestleMania — Elimination Chamber 2020. This year's event kicks off with fan-favorite Daniel Bryan vs Drew Gulak. This even-keeled match was the perfect way to start off Elimination Chamber. For the past few weeks on SmackDown, Gulak has been taunting Bryan, telling him he's been studying him. That he can exploit his weaknesses. By far and large, Gulak can absolutely go toe to toe with Bryan. This match was technical, passionate, and fun to watch. Gulak and Bryan countered each other beautifully, and both had many close pins.

Elimination Chamber 2020: Daniel Bryan vs Drew Gulak
Courtesy WWE

Many will likely remark about the storytelling in this match. The two men absolutely sold every move — including one where Bryan landed on his neck. The audience was invested, I was invested, and Bryan and Gulak were also invested. In the end, an emboldened Bryan won by putting Gulak into a Yes Lock, causing Gulak to pass out.

This was arguably the best way to start Elimination Chamber and has set the bar for matches to come after.

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