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TinyBuild Games Has Acquired Hello Neighbor Dev Dynamic Pixels
Some interesting news this morning in indie gaming as tinyBuild Games has acquired Hello Neighbor developer Dynamic Pixels The game and the company have basically become synonymous with each other over the past few years, so the move only makes sense for them to bring not just the game but the entire company that made[...]
Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek is as Unstable as the Original
And yet, Dynamic Pixels and tinyBuild are giving it a sequel. Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek was available in an alpha build at PAX West, and the sequel was as unstable as the original Most of my key commands failed, often several times in a row, the build crashed, and the look sensitivity was random[...]
Hello Neighbor Finds Its Way to PS4 in Latest Trailer
In a video post from the publisher TinyBuild and developer Dynamic Pixels, the game was officially revealed to be coming to Sony's console, along with the brief game description below for PS4 owners who haven't been exposed to the game yet No release date information was tied to this and there's no indication that more are on[...]