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New WWE Pops Revealed During Funko Fair 2021
It looks like it will come with variant Stone Cold and Rock Pops as well. Credit Funko Individual releases this wave will include Otis with the MITB briefcase, Drew McIntyre, a comeback version of Edge, Stone Cold in jeans with the title, and Chyna. Credit Funko Exclusives will include an awesome Eddie Guerrero exclusive to Gamestop that includes a[...]
WCW In 1997: Week Of January 6th
Really great stuff. WCW Nitro 1-6-97 The match of the show was Alex Wright against Eddie Guerrero The single reason to tune in weekly for me back then was the cruiserweight division Over the next couple of shows we can highlight some of these performers, but a special shout-out to Alex Wright The dude was a great[...]
WWE Chasing Glory: Lillian Garcia on Wrestler Inspirational Stories
As far as those gone too soon, she wished she talked to Eddie Guerrero and Ashley Massaro "[November 13] is the anniversary of Eddie Guerrero's passing," she said "I wish I could have someone like Eddie on the show There are many who have passed I wished could have gotten their story out there like[...]
Let's Take A Look At Mattel's New WWE Elite Legends Jake The Snake
The newest wave, hitting Target stores now, includes a suited version of the Ultimate Warrior, Eddie Guerrero, "Mr Wonderful" Paul Orndorff, and surprisingly Jake "The Snake" Roberts Jake has been doing work for WWE rival AEW these last few months, so the fact that we're still getting figures of him at this pretty wild One[...]
Chris Benoit Dark Side of the Ring
Narrated by Benoit's friend and AEW wrestler Chris Jericho, various names from Chavo Guerrero, Dean Milenko, Jim Ross, to Vicki Guerrero, David Benoit (Chris' son from his first marriage), and Sandra Toffoloni (sister of Nancy Benoit) offered their thoughts on Benoit – most having worked for WWE at the time of the tragic murder-suicide. The biggest[...]
WWE Royal Rumble 2019: Bleeding Cool Ranks All 32 Rumble Matches!
This was Shawn's show however, and to this day it is the second greatest Rumble performance ever. 6- Royal Rumble 2006 (Winner: Rey Mysterio) WWE After the death of Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio took it upon himself to let fans work through their grief through him Nowhere was that more evident than in this Rumble match[...]