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Russell T. Davies presents the new mini-episode "Farewell, Sarah Jane," courtesy of the BBC.
But before that kicks off and with the blessing of the actress' family, Davies has penned and released a final goodbye to Elisabeth Sladen (narrated by Jacob Dudman) Having played companion Sarah Jane Smith on the series and in her own spinoff series The Sarah Jane Adventures, Sladen's companion was part of the Doctor's team[...]
John Barrowman revealed a new character created for the Torchwood comic published by Titan Comics: Sladen, named for the actress who played Sarah Jane Smith in the Doctor Who universe. Earlier this week, Barrowman teased the new character for the comic, which he co-writes with sister Carole Barrowman, in a Facebook video: And now he's revealed who that[...]
BBC To Show Final Sarah Jane Adventures Episodes
Six episodes of the fifth series of The Sarah Jane Adventures starring the late Elisabeth Sladen will air later this year on CBBC The episodes were filmed last year alongside the fourth series while Sladen was well enough to film. However the show won't film any further episodes without her and the Doctor Who[...]