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We get a nice percussive pattern from today's Dead Body Road to begin…. …to some fine foul mouthed behaviour from Sheltered… …to the very mockingness of Eltingville… … to the despairing language of Lazarus, used to very visibly distinguish between the two groups here. Though if you are looking for the foulest of language, sometimes you just need Bleeding Cool's publish[...]
A Return To Eltingville?
About a certain comic strip of his, that appeared in his anthology comic Dork. Of late my thoughts turn to Eltingville. — Evan Dorkin (@evandorkin) September 6, 2013 A glorious, insanely detailed with geek references, Eltingville was Ethan Dorkin's attempt to expose the worst of fan culture Only to find fan culture really enjoy it For Eltingville to[...]