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'The Umbrella Academy' Preview: A Little Twitter-Emoji Love Goes a Long Way [VIDEO]
With only four days to go before Netflix unleashes its series adaptation of Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba's graphic novel series The Umbrella Academy, the streaming service is giving viewers yet another chance to get to know the Hargreeves family – as well as the eating habits of two definitely-not-normal hit-people. But there's a catch: you[...]
Star Wars: The Force Awakens As Emojis
Here is a fun little video that basically shows us Star Wars: The Force Awakens as done with emojis Be warned though, if you are one of the seventy-two people who haven't seen this film yet and are planning to… there are spoilers. Just not THAT spoiler. And it was posted by Disney. Here is a fun[...]
Those Little Colored People And Orlando Jones – Michael Davis, From The Edge
The moment you hear it, your first thought will be, why didn't anyone think of that before? Multi cultural emoji. In the age of Obama HOW is it possible no one thought of this before?! Almost a year ago Orlando told me of his intention to create and distribute the designs he thought up He'd been working on[...]