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Epic: ABC's Fairytale Anthology Has Cast Themselves A Princess
From writer Brigitte Hales, who worked on Once Upon A Time, comes new fairytale series Epic, which has announced a casting decision for the lead character of Luna, in their upcoming ABC series Epic will be a romance-themed fairytale anthology on ABC, which has had great success with similar past shows such as the previously[...]
A Writer’s Odyssey: A Pulpy but Fun Mash of High Concepts
It's a fantasy epic, a conspiracy thriller, a superhero movie, and a drama about a grieving father Each element is derivative of other movies we've seen before, but director Lu Yang seems determined to show us things that feel new The fantasy segment is filled with lavish design and epic action sequences The strand about[...]
Jim Starlin's Dreadstar In Development For Television
The Jim Starlin created cosmic space opera is being currently published by Dynamite Entertainment but began its life at the Marvel-owned Epic Comics Starlin will serve as executive producer and writer on the series. The series focuses on Vanth Dreadstar, the sole survivor of the Milky Way galaxy, and his crew as they struggle to end[...]
New Epic, Complete And Omnibus Volumes From Marvel For 2015
So what is being collected? Epic Collections Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The New Republic v1 Collecting Star Wars: Mara Jade – By the Emperor's Hand 0-6, Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire – Evolution 1-5, Star Wars: The Jabba Tape, Star Wars: Boba Fett – Twin Engines of Destruction; material from Star Wars Tales 1, 3-5, 10, 14-15,[...]
Thirty-One Reviews Of Thirty-One Free Comic Book Day 2014 Titles – Futures End, Uber, Grimm's Fairy Tales, Hello Kitty, Hip Hop Family Tree, Overstreet, Jellaby, Buck Rogers, Teen Titans Go, Street Fighter, Steam Wars, All You Need Is Kill, Raising A Reader, Atomic Robo, Archie, Bongo, Les Miserables, Sherwood Texas, History Of Japan, Scratch 9,  Bleeding Cool Magazine, Defend Comics, Sonic, Tick, Fubar, Kaboom, Spongebob Squarepants, Epic, Uncle Scrooge, Scam and Intrinsic
Free isn't cheap enough I'm afraid. Epic #0 published by Comix Tribe This book tries to revive the wisecracking teenage superheroic trope, mixing battles with supervillains and battles with life It felt a little same old same old, and the unpolished art wasn't exactly winning me over And then it suddenly threw in a sexual twist that lifted[...]
More Marvel Amazon Fishing And A New Name For Adamantium
So we ran a piece on Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning getting their Guardians Of The Galaxy run collected in complete editions. But they aren't the only big books on the way from Marvel. First there's since from the rather thick paperback Epic Collection line… but no, not Groo The Wanderer More's the pity. Avengers Epic Collection: Judgement[...]
Animator Takes Us Through What Goes Into Each Scene From Epic
Jeff Gabor, the lead animator on Epic, the film from Blue Sky Studios and Fox, has posted this cool "comparison reel" to showcase how much goes into bringing each scene to life It starts, rather hilariously, with Gabor himself acting out much of the action required of the various animinated characters, then placing in rough[...]
Girl Trouble Takes On A Whole New Meaning In EPIC
And by cool I mean a goofball — I get to put all that thinking to good use. Having just secured funding for EPIC, a superteen action comedy I've created with artist Matt Zolman, I've been mining the treasure trove of old high school stories for material Swirlies and keggers Prom shenanigans and crazy teachers[...]
The Next Load Of Marvel Epic Collections
Marvel's line of Epic Collection trade paperbacks are intended to be big colour collections of Marvel comics at the lowest price possible So we have an Iron Man Epic Collection collecting Iron Man #158-177 for $39.99 and a Thor Epic Collection collecting #383-400 for $34.99. We also have on their way Avengers Epic Collection: The Final[...]