“Pennyworth” is More than a Batman Prequel – It’s a Fever Dream of Sixties London

"Pennyworth": The Brexit Drama We Deserve – But Never Saw Coming [OPINION]

Hurrah! The craziest British drama on TV has been renewed! EPIX's Pennyworth will return next year with a new season! Pennyworth is really a Batman prequel in name only. It appears to be about the story of Alfred Pennyworth in the 1960s long before he became the Wayne family butler. It appears to be about […]

Jim Starlin's Dreadstar In Development For Television

Universal Cable Productions and Benderspink are digging deep into the comic industry bag of tricks to pull out Dreadstar. The Jim Starlin created cosmic space opera is being currently published by Dynamite Entertainment but began its life at the Marvel-owned Epic Comics. Starlin will serve as executive producer and writer on the series. The series […]

New Epic, Complete And Omnibus Volumes From Marvel For 2015

The new Marvel Hachette catalogue is out. We've already told you about Avengers: Millennium and Prelude To Ant-Man. So what is being collected? Epic Collections Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The New Republic v1 Collecting Star Wars: Mara Jade – By the Emperor's Hand 0-6, Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire – Evolution 1-5, Star Wars: […]

More Marvel Amazon Fishing And A New Name For Adamantium

So we ran a piece on Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning getting their Guardians Of The Galaxy run collected in complete editions. But they aren't the only big books on the way from Marvel. First there's since from the rather thick paperback Epic Collection line… but no, not Groo The Wanderer. More's the pity. Avengers […]

Girl Trouble Takes On A Whole New Meaning In EPIC

Tyler James writes for Bleeding Cool: Girls and superheroes. In high school, I spent 90% of my time thinking about one or the other. Now, some 16 years later, a little wiser and a lot less awkward around the ladies — oh, who am I kidding, the only lady I want to be cool around […]

The Next Load Of Marvel Epic Collections

Marvel's line of Epic Collection trade paperbacks are intended to be big colour collections of Marvel comics at the lowest price possible. So we have an Iron Man Epic Collection collecting Iron Man #158-177 for $39.99 and a Thor Epic Collection collecting #383-400 for $34.99. We also have on their way Avengers Epic Collection: The […]

Friday Trending Topics: Starstruck

This seems to be resolved now, but it's still worrisome: Elaine Lee wrote, this morning: "Look, I'll say it now. Kaluta and I, just week before last, received a letter from a Marvel/Disney attorney, challenging our rights to Starstruck, a project that was briefly with Marvel/Epic, supposedly their creator-owned imprint, almost three decades ago. Most-Read […]

First Trailer For Miniature War Film, Epic

It's Epic, has miniature proportions. Originally titled The Leaf Men, and based on William Joyce's book, Epic is an upcoming animated adventure film from Blue Sky, the makers of the Ice Age films and Rio. This trailer plays like a cross between The Guardians of Ga'Hoole and Avatar (by which I almost mean Ferngully), with […]

Peter Jackson's The Hobbit Films To Be Red And Epic

An early doubts I had regarding the RED One digital camera evaporated entirely when I saw Steven Soderbergh's Che films, and since that moment I've been a real fan of RED's technology, and of the cinematography we've so far seen delivered with them. Peter Jackson has been a real big supporter of RED and was […]