An Honest Trailer For The Expendables

With Expendables 3 about to hit theaters, the folks over at Screen Junkies have done up a new Honest Trailer for the original Expendables movie.[youtube]http://youtu.be/upZAIN0dahU[/youtube] With Expendables 3 about to hit theaters, the folks over at Screen Junkies have done up a new Honest Trailer for the original Expendables movie.[youtube]http://youtu.be/upZAIN0dahU[/youtube][...]

Cannes Dispatch – The Expendables 3 And National Gallery

And the team behind the marketing of The Expendables 3 certainly grabbed a great deal of attention this week with a stunt to help promote the movie.The cast and crew of the film - including but most certainly not limited to Stallone, Lundgren, Snipes, Banderas, Grammar and Gibson - rode the Croisette in Cannes atop tanks,[...]

Another New Expendables 3 Set Image Featuring Patrick Hughes And Some Other Guys

Another photo from the set of The Expendables 3 and another look at Director Patrick Hughes sandwiched between two actors.Two actors smoking cigars - one smiling and one looking a little grumpy.Maybe he's not grumpy, maybe he's trying to 'look cool' Yeah, that's probably it.The Expendables 3 will be released in the UK and America on[...]

Expendables 3 Set Photo Features Patrick Hughes And Some Other Guys

The man in the middle of this photo from the set of The Expendables 3 is the reason I care about this sequel to to two rather dreadful action movies.He is, of course, director Patrick Hughes Following a few excellent short films Hughes directed his first feature in 2010, Red Hill And it's brilliant.Arnie posted[...]

Official Plot Blurb, Release Date, Cast And Crew Info For The Expendables 3

That this feature happens to be the third Expendables film.. well, I'm confident he can do something with this And there is some real talent on the cast, even if it isn't always acting talent.Indeed, the official cast list has been issued today, as part of the start-of-production press release It's also mentioned that Bourne's Dan[...]

Expendables 3 Producer Lists The Cast – And It's Not What I Was Expecting

With the third Expendables movie set to get rolling in just a week's time, producer Boaz Davidson has made a pretty comprehensive cast list update on his Facebook page:That Stallone,Statham,Ford,Gibson, Lundgren,Snipes,Li,Couture, Banderas,Rousey,Crews, Schwarzenegger,Ortiz,Lutz. Or, to give them all their first names as well as surnames:Sylvester Stallone Jason Statham Harrison Ford Mel Gibson Dolph Lundgren Wesley Snipes Jet Li Randy Couture Antonio Banderas Ronda Rousey Terry Crews Arnold Schwarzenegger Victor Ortiz Kellan LutzThose are all guys, bar UFC[...]

Mel Gibson And Antonio Banderas Confirmed For Expendables 3

Earlier this week the news broke that Bruce Willis was out of Expendables 3 and that Harrison Ford had been recruited to join their gang.Sylvester Stallone also Tweeted the following about Bruce Willis, GREEDY AND LAZY ..... A SURE FORMULA FOR CAREER FAILURE— Sylvester Stallone (@TheSlyStallone) August 6, 2013 According to THR Stallone was referring to a demand[...]

Harrison Ford Joins The Expendables For Third Film, Bruce Willis Out Of The Gang

I thought the first Expendables was very disappointing The action was poorly directed and generally rather dull The sequel was an improvement, but not much of one So my interest in Expendables 3 was pretty low.That was until director Patrick Hughes got involved.And Jackie Chan.Stallone is really putting together a varied and more interesting cast[...]

Schwarzenegger Promises To Pop Up In Expendables 3

As a result, we've now all learned that Schwarzenegger will be back for the third Expendables film, and that he'll shoot his part in LA this August Somebody get this fan a hat with a little "press card" in the brim He's earned it.This casting isn't a huge surprise, but this wasn't definite before, and[...]

Report: Mel Gibson Will Be The Villain In The Third Expendables Film

Sylvester Stallone is at work with unexpected by nonetheless really bloody exciting director Patrick Hughes right now, trying to work out quite what they'll do with the third Expendables film.The influence Stallone seems most inspired to echo is The Raid, Gareth Evans' brilliant Welsh-Indonesian action picture of a year or so back He's also keen[...]

Why I Suddenly Really Care About The Expendables 3 – Stallone Has Chosen His Director

it isn’t obvious, and it isn’t flashy, but [Red Hill is] built to work and it really does. Now, conversely, I was not a huge fan of the two Expendables films They were too indifferently conceived and constructed to be elevated above VHS-grade hunk-o-beef nostalgia.Having some action happening isn't all an action film needs - that action[...]

Sylvester Stallone's Public Poll – Should Mel Gibson Direct The Next Expendables Film?

Alasdair Stuart writes for Bleeding Cool.Not a hallucination! Not a dream! Quite Possibly joking!Sylvester Stallone is in the middle of writing Expendables 3 and it seems to have led him to a very unusual possibility for the director's chair.Mel Gibson.Earlier today, Stallone tweeted; What about Mel Gibson directing EXPENDABLES FIVE???— Sylvester Stallone (@TheSlyStallone) April 11, 2013 Then: No[...]

Stallone's Big Ideas For The Expendables 3 Involve Geeks And Girls… And Sigourney Weaver

To promote the film, Sylvester Stallone took part in some interviews and during one, with Best Movie (thanks to AntoBlueberry), spilled his big ideas for the next Expendables movie - his other 80s-fuelled nostalgic indulgence.While maybe not the sci-fi picture I was previously expecting, Sly's plans do seem set to shake the formula up considerably. He said: The Expendables…[...]

Gina Carano Is The Caramel And Jamba Of That Female "Expendables" Movie

Whereas the original Expendables was about, to some large extent, digging up the dinosaurs of 80s action cinema and giving them another airing, I wouldn't be surprised to see the much-discussed female take on the same tropes stick largely to younger players, such is the sexist-agist nexus in Hollywood.And so it is with the first[...]

Yep, It's Real – An All-Female Spin On The Expendables Is Coming

Adi Shankar, producer of The Grey and Dredd, has set Dutch Southern to writing an Expendables-alike project for an all-female star cast.Several actresses 'associated with action movies' are said to be talking about joining up, but Variety doesn't have any particular names to share as yet.I think it's easy to suppose that they'll have approached[...]

Expendables 3 To Feature Time Travel? Go To Mars? Stallone Drops Us A Hint…

Our monkey man Patrick Dane is fresh out of today's The Expendables 2 junket and has been straight onto the mobile internet to send us a key quote from Sylvester Stallone That's how movie blogging works now, don't you know?Anyway, here's the set up Stallone was talking about recruiting a cast for The Expendables 3,[...]