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So What Is X Of Swords About Exactly? (X-Men, Excalibur #12 Spoilers)
Who has gathered the other Externals on Krakoa. Excalibur #12 art by Marcus To. Including Selene – who has also been busy in today's Captain America Who has been busy killing many humans, something that is meant to be forbidden for Krakoan mutants, even Externals. Artwork for Captain America #23/ So she's back on Krakoa and that word doesn't[...]
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Marvel has confirmed the return of the Externals to the X-Men books for X Of Swords, with this teaser for Excalibur #11 Didn;t we say Excalibur was the book to watch? Marvel Comics Confirms The Return Of The Externals. In June, Bleeding Cool suggested that The Externals were returning to Marvel after being abandoned in the nineties. First[...]
Is This How They'll Bring Back Kitty Pryde?
Yesterday, Bleeding Cool looked at what appeared to be the return of the Externals to the Marvel Universe for the X Of Swords event. First named in X-Force #10 from Fabian Nicieza, Rob Liefeld and Mark Pacella The Externals are all mutants with the additional gift of immortality and, as expressed by Cable, they play an important role in the future[...]
And it looks like the mysterious Externals are returning to Marvel as part of the crossover The event will see ten Krakoan mutants given legendary swords that they will use to battle for the future of the living island of Krakoa. First named in X-Force #10 from Fabian Nicieza, Rob Liefeld and Mark Pacella The Externals[...]