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Alan Moore Talks Extinction Rebellion As Two Week Protest Begins
Last night, I took a trip to Orbital Comics in London's Leicester Square, only to find my journey impeded by police reaction to Extinction Rebellion's protest, beginning a two-week series of protests across London Without the police, of course, everything would have been fine And then started belting out a warning on the loudspeaker that[...]
Alan Moore Asks London to Take to the Streets - Extinction Rebellion
Extinction Rebellion has released a video that Alan Moore made for them a little while back to encourage Londoners to take to the streets for upcoming Extinction Rebellion protests Their next planned events are to be on the 1st of September. A transcript follows below: Hello, I'm Alan Moore and I couldn't be prouder than to be[...]
Jamie Hewlett Creates New Work For Protest Group Extinction Rebellion
Tomorrow, Bleeding Cool hopes to report live from the Extinction Rebellion protests happening in London again I did my bit by not flying to New York Comic Con Also I cycle everywhere now, eat less meat, shop local and I reused a TARDIS, rather than let it be sent to the landfill. But Jamie Hewlett will[...]