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X-Factor #87
Next week, Marvel Comics will release a facsimile edition of X-Factor #87, 1993's start to a bold new era of X-Factor following the X-Cutioner's Song crossover event, by Peter David and Joe Quesada And while we appreciate the idea of facsimile editions in general, our favorite part is getting a good look at the old[...]
More Classic Comic Book Ads from Giant-Size X-Men #1 Facsimile Edition
It's time for another Marvel Facsimile Edition this week, as Marvel reprints Giant-Size X-Men #1 in all its original glory And don't get us wrong – this is probably one of the greatest and most important comic books ever published But it's not necessarily what's in the story pages that interests us most about these[...]
X-Men #1: A He-Man Muscled Body in Just 10 Minutes a Day [Preview]
We're all familiar by now with the awesomeness of Marvel's facsimile edition reprints And we all know by now what the best part is No, it's not the timeless classic storytelling that made the Marvel Universe what it is today No, it's not the chance to read classic comics as they were originally intended but[...]
Ski or Die, Mega Man 3 Ads From New Mutants #98 Facsimile (Preview)
Marvel has really gone all in lately on their facsimile editions, perfect reprints of classic comics, exactly the same as they first appeared in every way except for the price, which has been changed to reflect modern price-gouging techniques Why, you might ask, would Marvel bother to reprint these comics when they can be accessed[...]
3 Classic Comic Book Ad Pages from the Howard the Duck #1 Facsimile Edition
This week, Marvel will release a facsimile edition of Howard the Duck #1, reprinting the comic exactly as it appeared back in 1976 That means everything is the same, including the advertisements And while Howard the Duck #1 is a fine comic by Steve Gerber and Frank Brunner, we can't help but be a little[...]
DC Comics Gets in On That Facsimile Edition Action in August
Lately, it seems like every month Marvel Comics has been publishing one or more "facsimile editions," reprints of their classic comics which reproduce the entire books in their entirety, exactly as they were originally published… well, except for the cover price In DC Comics' August solicitations, Marvel's Distinguished Competition has gotten in on some of[...]
Marvel Comics Solicitations July 2019
Marvel has recently announced plans to release facsimile editions of comics such as Howard the Duck #1 and Star Wars #50, amongst other classic comics, and now the X-Men are getting the facsimile edition treatment in July to coincide with Jonathan Hickman's X-Men reboot Marvel will reprint not one but four classic comics: Giant-Size X-Men[...]
Marvel to Reprint 1976's Howard the Duck #1, with Ads and All
Earlier this month, we learned that Marvel plans to publish a facsimile edition of Star Wars #50, a comic from 1981, featuring not only the original pages as they appeared back then, but all of the advertisements as well, which is probably the best part It's unknown how they'll deal with all the defunct comic[...]