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She has written content for Image Comics' ODY-C, Black Jack Ketchum, and the bestselling Fairlady, and contributed a story to the Eisner-nominated Femme Magnifique from Black Crown/IDW She'll be featured in the upcoming Iron Circus anthology You Died, and her debut YA graphic novel, The Unfinished Corner, comes out in 2020 from The Vault Comics. When[...]
Don't Leave: Fairlady Cancelled At Issue Five
Writer Brian Schirmer announced Fairlady's cancellation with this week's final issue on Twitter: Sad news, folks: Fairlady is canceled as of the forthcoming issue #5 Thread. The book came out swinging back in April & #1 even got a 2nd printing And while issue 2 had less of a sales drop than average, orders for 3-5 fell[...]
My Five Favorite Debuts From January to June 2019
Fairlady by Brian Schirmer and Claudia Balboni Columbo in New Crobuzon There's relatively little direct inspiration for Fairlady Sure, The art team is influenced by Fiona Staples, and there's two main characters, but that's about it for Saga reference points Fairlady reads like a comic I'd hope Image would publish: A smart architectural conceit (single[...]
Your Friends Say Boston's Beautiful: Last Stop On The Red Line #1 And Others
With regards to Buffy, Fairlady, and Faithless, I already wrote more fully about all three, and the following issues largely continue the good parts of the issue ones Anyway Onward towards the new. cover by Sam Lofti and John Rauch Last Stop On The Red Line #1 A horror series set on the streets of Boston, in[...]
You Walked In Just Like Smoke: Fairlady #1
Between now and then, he wrote Black Jack Ketchum for Claudia Balboni to draw, and those two now return with the first issue of a new ongoing comic called Fairlady. Saga + Rat Queens is the RIYL going around, but that's not true Fairlady feels Columbo or Magnum P.I after the end of Return Of The[...]