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My Arcade Releases The Retro Champ For Purchase
My Arcade has released a brand new retro console player as the Retro Champ is now on the market playing NES and Famicom titles The system comes with a built-in screen with rechargeable batteries and a cartridge cleaning kit You have HDTV compatibility with an aspect ration switch and wireless controller compatibility There are two[...]
Opinion: SimCity on NES Was a Lost Opportunity
SimCity is one of the most revolutionary titles in video game history with 36 different ports across PC platforms and home consoles, yet one platform mysteriously missing is the Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom Home Computer. https://youtu.be/N0q93b_allYVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: SimCity NES Unreleased Prototype Gameplay (https://youtu.be/N0q93b_allY) Will Wright created the original city-building game in 1989[...]
Nintendo Will Release a Special Gold Famicom Classic Edition
Back when the NES Classic Edition was getting attention, the company also released a Famicom Classic Edition for the console that came before it With the NES and SNES versions coming back, it was expected that we'd see the Famicom return as well However, the one that's arriving will be a little more special than[...]
Nintendo Famicom Is Getting A New Game With ASTRO NINJA MAN
Those of you who may be holding onto an old-school Famicom system from Nintendo might want to break it out and dust it off because there's a brand new game coming for it The news broke on Japanese Nintendo who showed off a trailer for the game ASTRO NINJA MAN, a game developed by RIKI who made[...]
Nintendo Also Temporarily Halts Production On Mini Famicom
While we're all complaining about the NES Classic Edition being canceled, people in Japan are now getting furious over the same thing happening with the Mini Famicom While we've never seen one made for the U.S., Japan has had a classic edition of their own 8-bit console (We were hoping to see one, if only[...]