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Steve Mannion and the Salvation of the Comic Book Industry
From the independent boom of the 80's to the retro fun of the Silver Age, heck, even going back to Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, inventors of Superman and the modern superhero, good comics come from having fun and an earnest desire to entertain. The other approach is simply treading water until market fatigue drowns us[...]
Preview Steve Mannion's Fearless Dawn: Jurassic Jungle Boogie Nights
Asylum Press wants you to order their new book Fearless Dawn: Jurassic Jungle Boogie Nights… it's a one shot due out in December and can be ordered now at your local comic shop They sent over a five page preview to try and reel you in. Here is the synopsis they sent along for the one-shot: Steve[...]
Jurassic Jungle Boogie Nights for Fearless Dawn
Steve Mannion's fighting mad bad girl Fearless Dawn will be making a return to comics and he is using Kickstarter, the popular crowdfunding resource, to get it published through Asylum Press. Steve Mannion's unique art and storytelling have been rocking the underground comic book industry for years His talents have bled into the mainstream as well, on such[...]