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[RUMOR] Wonder Woman Confirmed To Have A Role In Flashpoint
At Comic-Con International they revealed the title change to Flashpoint We don't know anything else about the movie right now, a lack of director does that, but people are speculating and things like the following in Deadline doesn't help. [Gall] Gadot is riding high after starring in Wonder Woman She will reprise in the Patty Jenkins-directed[...]
Kiersey Clemons Didn't Find Out About Flashpoint Until Right Before We Did
When the DC part of the program started they had a bunch of logos flash across the screen and one of those logos was The Flash turning into Flashpoint The crowd in Hall H went insane over this reveal since Flashpoint is a popular, continuity shake-up a story where Barry Allen messes with the timeline[...]
Flashpoint Unrwapped As An Andy Kubert Sketch Edition From DC In February
Revealed in the Edelweiss catalog this morning, Flashpoint is getting am Andy Kubert sketch edition called Flashpoint Unwrapped. Drawn on for The CW's Flash TV show and the upcoming Flash DCEU movie (whose title is now also Flashpoint), Flashpoint (the comic super-mega-crossover event) by Kubert and DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff "Jeff" Johns also kicked off DC's[...]
'Flashpoint' Announced As The Title Of The Flash Movie – And There's A History To That
Announced at San Diego Comic-Con, the upcoming Flash movie starring Ezra Miller has a name: Flashpoint As comic book fans will know, that comes with a considerable history… The movie, scheduled for 2020 from Warner Bros and co-starring Billy Crudup and Kiersey Clemons, now has a name that ties it directly into the history of the DC Universe. Flashpoint[...]
The Flash
With the focus of Team Flash shifted to preventing Savitar from killing Iris West, the effects of Flashpoint have been pushed aside… until tonight Executive producer Todd Helbing talks about how this new villain, Clive Yorkin, is out to get the group of cops who arrested him in the Flashpoint universe which included Captain Julio[...]
New Flash Image Brings Up Important Question… How Did Wally West Get His Speed?
But is that the case? Jesse left Earth-1 before Barry went back and created Flashpoint, so she was unaffected by the changes During Flashpoint, Wally was Kid Flash but it wasn't explained how he got his powers since Barry changed everything and didn't have S.T.A.R Labs and all of that to recreate the scenario that gave[...]
Has Flashpoint Given Us The Path To Connor Hawke? Not So Fast…
One of the big changes Flashpoint made was changing the gender of John Diggle and Lyla Michaels child Now that there is a John Jr., then the future Green Arrow / Connor Hawke we saw in the Legends of Tomorrow episode Star City 2046 is now possible. Or is it? Marc Guggenheim was as that question[...]
What Is Motivating Doctor Alchemy?
Alchemy knows who had powers in the Flashpoint reality that doesn't have them now and is able to bring the powers out of them But how? And why? So far he's brought out the powers in people that would go after the Flash… but Wally has no reason to go after Barry Allen… does he?[...]
Setting Up The Flash To Move Forward
This article contains spoilers for The Flash episode 302- Paradox . . . . . I'm starting to think that the producers of The Flash may have decided to use Flashpoint in almost the same way that DC used it Not just to create a slightly different timeline, but a chance to fix decisions they've made over the last three to five[...]
The Flash Return, Was It Worth The Wait?
It felt like Flashpoint had already been done previously when he went back in time to stop himself from saving her the first time So why do it again? Now I really like this series But I like it when it's having fun and the team is working together That said, Flashpoint was disappointment The episode[...]
A Cocky Barry Allen Confronts Eobard Thawne
The Flash returns tonight to kick off its third season with a variation on the Flashpoint storyline created when Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) goes back in time and saves his mother from Reverse-Flash (Matt Letscher) But the ramifications are great and we get a hint of that as we see Barry talking with Eobard Thawne[...]
Run Devil Run Trailer For The Season Premier Of The Flash
So where this is the TV version of Flashpoint, it's not a copy of the comic version where Barry doesn't have his powers and the Thomas Wayne version of Batman has to help him get them back. The Flash season 3 debuts October 4th on the CW. https://youtu.be/Dzq5H2qAyh8 The CW has released and extended trailer for the[...]
Flashpoint Will Affect Arrow In New Season
One of the questions that fans have this summer is just how much of Arrow will be affected by the Flashpoint storyline going on over on The Flash According to star Stephen Amell the answer is majorly. The People's Choice Awards tweeted out a quote from Amell from Heroes And Villains con today when the actor[...]