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Dashcam is a Horribly Hilarious Cinematic Endurance Test
It pushes the found footage horror movie as far as it could go, all the way to the breaking point It may not completely work, but it's mean, nasty, gross, and absolutely hilarious. "Dashcam" image: Blumhouse Annie Hardy plays a horrible fictional version of herself, a livestreamer on an online series called "Bandcar" who drives around Los[...]
Goodbye, Eri: One of the Best, Most Unexpected Graphic Novels of 2022
It's not a sequel or spinoff of Chainsaw Man but a standalone story, and it's one of the best graphic novels of the year. "Goodbye, Eri," Viz Media Goodbye, Eri is mainly seen from the point of view of high schooler Yuta like a found footage movie His ailing mother asks him to film her every moment[...]
Archive 81 adaptation for Netflix has cast Mamoudou Athie and Dina Shihabi. (Image: Netflix)
The world of Marc Sollinger and Daniel Powell's Archive 81 will soon materialize before listeners eyes, with showrunner and executive producer Rebecca Sonnenshine (The Vampire Diaries, The Boys), James Wan's Atomic Monster (MacGyver; "The Conjuring" film franchise; upcoming Malignant and There's Someone Inside Your House), and director Rebecca Thomas (Stranger Things, Limetown) teaming up for[...]
"Ghostwatch", BBC
Once again, British Horror and the BBC have created a hugely influential yet obscure entry into the genre. "Ghostwatch", BBC The First of the "Found Footage" Horror Movie Wave Ghostwatch went on the BBC's Screen One drama slot It was written by Stephen Volk, who had previously written Ken Russell's movie Gothic Aside from the credits, it was[...]
The Blair Witch Project Being Prepped For TV Series
Will the series serve as a prequel or sequel to the films? Will it be an anthology series per episode or per season? Will it be filmed in standard format, or in the "found footage" format that the original film made popular again? While definitely in favor of a move to television, Sanchez was purposefully cautious[...]
last broadcast
But this one got to me, and it was the intimacy of seeing it on television that made its horrific impact even more potent; and that's an emotional response that I believe would've been lost if I saw the film in theaters first. Now I'm not going to say that there weren't "found footage" movies pre-The[...]