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Guitar Hero Live Review: Rock It Fool!
Guitar Hero Live is Activision's swing at trying to refresh the series under the guidance of new developer leads Freestylegames And they've knocked it out the park in one try. Really, Guitar Hero Live is that good. There are quite a few changes to the game, in terms of the way it works, that won't be instantly[...]
Guitar Hero Live Reveals Tracks From Trivium, Mastodon And Marylin Manson
Freestylegames have been announcing new songs each week and after people were complaining that the songs that came with the original announcement were a little on the pop-y side, Activision have pulled a lot of hard rock songs out of the bag. This week is no different The publisher has again leaned on the metal and[...]
This Guitar Hero Live Behind The Scenes Video Shows Us More About The Game
The amount of oddball ideas like the 360 FMV and newly designed controller give it an edge and curiosity I wasn't expecting from Activision's reboot. If you want to see what I mean, check out this behind the scenes video from FreeStyleGames who go surprisingly deep into how this was made and why they decided to[...]
Guitar Hero Live Revives Series And It's Quite… Different
It was revealed today and it's quite unrecognizable from its former self. In a move that can best be described as "odd", Activision and developer FreeStyleGames have created a FMV Guitar Hero experience Which is to say, instead of in-game graphics, it uses actual pre-shot footage You'll also exist on two planes of existence that will adapt[...]