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Gamevice Announces New Flex Controller For iOS & Android
Gamevice has revealed their latest mobile controller design as they announced the Gamevice Flex for both iOS and Android This is a brand new improvement on their previous designs, giving you a much more comfortable grip and feeling for a controller to hook your mobile phone into and play games seamlessly with a proper controller[...]
Gamevice Creates New Game Controller Setup For iPad
Gamevice revealed a brand new addition to their line of controller adaptors today as we're getting a new one for the iPad Those of you who prefer to do mobile gaming on a bigger screen now have another option that will give you the controller experience without having to Bluetooth one onto your device This[...]
Epic Games Now Supports Gamevice Controllers for Fortnite
For those of you who have been wanting to use a Gamevice controller on Fortnite mobile, good news, Epic Games now supports the device Not everyone playing the game on mobile uses a controller, but those who do have had only a couple of options that work right without crashing the game or failing to[...]
Nintendo Switch Red Blue
Nintendo is currently having to deal with Gamevice yet again, for the second time in a calendar year The company has filed claims against Nintendo over the Nintendo Switch with the United States International Trade Commission Reuters is reporting that "certain portable gaming console systems with attachable handheld controllers and components" are in violation to their own[...]
Nintendo Switch Red Blue
The most recent win for the company was over the 3D technology in the 3DS, but this next one will be a much more interesting one to watch, as the company is being sued over the look of a controller. Gamevice is a gaming manufacturer who is suing Nintendo, claiming the Joy-Con design is a ripoff[...]