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Steve Geppi States Comics Sales Higher Than Expected Out Of Shutdown

Humanoids' Mark Waid couldn't make it but Fantagraphics' Gary Groth, Boom Studios' Ross Richie, Dark Horse's Mike Richardson and IDW's Dirk Wood did The stream just wrapped.Along the way, Steve Geppi talked about the importance of communication from retailers, publishers and distributors, recommending that everyone needed to stay in their lane, publisher, retailers, distributors, that[...]

Steve Geppi Talks Live With Direct Market Pulishers

Steve Geppi Video With Groth, Richie, Wood and Waid, Tomorrow

He will be joined by a number of publishers, including Gary Groth of Fantagraphics with whom Geppi had quite the turbulent relationship with back in the days that The Comic Journal rolled the roost, He is joined by Ross Richie of Boom Studios, Dirk Wood of IDW and former Fantagraphics and Boom editorial employee Mark[...]

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Free Comic Book Day 2020 in the Fall – and Diamond Doing Back Issues?

Hell, I even saw Gary Groth in the comments.So we got to hear stories of Heroes World, of DC Comics getting Diamond exclusivity, of DC's right to buy Diamond but without the intent to, and of monopoly Steve talked about his intent for Diamond to succeed by being the best at the cheapest price, and[...]

ECCC '14: Kickstarter, Crumb, And Rob Liefeld: The Future of Fantagraphics?

By one of our West Coast corespondents Gavin Lees: No comics event in Seattle would be complete without the presence of Fantagraphics.  They are an institution in the city — and also the world — when it comes to quality, arts-first cartooning.  Their somewhat flippant tagline of “Publisher of the World’s Greatest Cartoonists” has never been[...]

Things To Do In New York, Philadelphia, And Pittsburgh This Week If You Like Comics

Guests include Farel Dalrymple, Craig Yoe, Tom Scioli, Ed Piskor, Gary Groth, Danny Hellman, Trina Robbins, and Jim Rugg.They say: "PIX  is devoted solely to creator-owned, self-published, small-press, and handmade comics, artists books and other visual works Admission is free and the event is open to the public.  The event will give Pittsburghers the opportunity[...]

When Maurice Sendak Wanted To Blow Up President Bush

The Comics Journal published at the end of the year, headlines with a final in depth interview between Maurice Sendak and Journal publisher Gary Groth.Here is a snippet Possibly the snippet. SENDAK: Bush was president, I thought, “Be brave Tie a bomb to your shirt Insist on going to the White House And I wanna have[...]

Robert Crumb Pulls Out Of Australian Tour Over Pervert Jibes

This year, it was to include a stage interview between Crumb and Gary Groth.They quoted an unnamed sexual assault crisis groups describing him as "sick and deranged", talked to a government spokesman who said Crumb's work couldn't be displayed without classification, which would probably be refused, and finally quoted anti-child abuse campaigner Hetty Johnston saying the[...]