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Frank Grillo Stars In No Man's Land, Trailer Is Out Now
Jimenez, Alex MacNicoll, with Andie MacDowell and George Lopez Grillo plays a border vigilante who patrols the Mexico/US border with his son When the kid accidentally kills a Mexican immigrant, the son is forced to flee across the border, where he learns that all of his prejudices and beliefs are wrong You can check out[...]
The Tax Collector Trailer Has Dropped, Film Releasing August 7
The film also stars George Lopez and Cinthya Carmona Ayer is also the writer for the film, getting back to the grittiness of some of his previous efforts You can watch the trailer, read the synopsis, and see the poster for The Tax Collector down below. The Tax Collector Synopsis & Poster "David (Bobby Soto) and Creeper (Shia[...]
Netflix CEO Has One Reason Why '13 Reasons Why' Critics Should Chill: "Nobody Has to Watch It"
Brent Bozell III in 1995, the PTC's website states the group "promotes and restores responsibility and decency to the entertainment industry in answer to America's demand for positive, family-oriented television programming." The PTC claims they accomplish this goal "by fostering changes in TV programming to make the early hours of prime time family-friendly and suitable[...]
IDW's Wormwood Being Developed As Animated TV Series
Also on as a producer is comedian George Lopez and his Travieso Production Company. Lopez seems like an unlikely partner, but Wormwood is supposed to be (darkly) comedic, and follows "the paranormal and obscene adventures of an inter-dimensional worm with the ability to animate corpses as host bodies." Stern says: George Lopez is a comic genius and[...]