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Marvel Comics To Follow Non-Stop Spider-Man With Savage Spider-Man
So we'll have to wait for more on that to come, but for now, Non-Stop Spider-Man comes to an end this Wednesday with Non-Stop Spider-Man #5 by Joe Kelly, Chris Bachalo as well as a bunch of others helping to tet it out of the door, Cory Smith, Gerardo Sandoval, Tim Townsend, Wayne Fauchier, Victor[...]
Philip Kennedy Johnson & Ron Lim Join Venom #200, But Not Rob Liefeld
Beyruth, Gerardo Sandoval, Guiu Vilanova, Kev Walker, Mark Bagley, and Ron Lim. When we last left Eddie Brock, as Venom he had become the new God of the Symbiotes How will this all conclude? And might adding Alien comic book writer Philip Kennedy Johnson to the Venom #200 credits suggest he may be taking the character[...]
Astonishing X-Men #12 cover by Greg Land and Edgar Delgado
Plus, Hummingbird from Christopher Yost's Scarlet Spider and New Warriors is shown in a splash page of all the world's psychics, so that means someone else remembers that awesome character exists. Astonishing X-Men #12 art by Gerardo Sandoval and Erick Arciniega Gerardo Sandoval provides some solid artwork to the comic It's highly stylized with shifting figures angled[...]
Venom Inc. Omega Cover by Ryan Stegman and Brian Reber
Omega art by Ryan Stegman (pictured), Gerardo Sandoval, Jay Leisten (pictured),and Brian Reber (pictured) Ryan Stegman's art holds up pretty well throughout Like I said, the Lee Price final form is a bit disappointing, but that's not necessarily is fault alone Brock, Spider-Man, Thompson, Black Cat, and Mania all get some moments to look awesome[...]
Venom #160 cover by Gerardo Sandoval and David Curiel
It's up to these five to free the victims and bring Maniac down. Venom #160 cover by Gerardo Sandoval and David Curiel You know what? If this is what Venom Inc has been intending to build up to, then I'm kind of okay with it It does suck that it waylaid the Venom title somewhat, and it[...]
Venom #159 cover by Gerardo Sandoval and David Curiel
Crossover Spider-Man (Peter Parker) and the new Anti-Venom (Flash Thompson) are pitted against the symbiote hordes of Maniac, aka former-Venom Lee Price. Elsewhere, Eddie Brock begins his search for his other half through the streets of New York. Venom #159 cover by Gerardo Sandoval and David Curiel This is undoubtedly the best issue of the Venom Inc[...]
Venom #154 Review: Life Through Flat Eyes
Gerardo Sandoval doesn't take the interior art in this issue, leaving Paulo Siqueira to take over instead It's incredible The opening page (above) would look great as a poster, and the detail and expression given to everyone, the symbiote included, is incredible If Bagley weren't coming in next month, I'd be fine if Siqueira stayed on[...]
Venom #152 Review: A Fun Diversion From Secret Empire's Dreariness
He's also a bulky bruiser, so he's a decent antagonist choice for Venom. Gerardo Sandoval's artwork is a great choice for Venom He already has an affinity for warping figures to seem bigger than they are, as well as fluidity and kinetic motion Those line up with Venom's motif perfectly However, there are some scenes where[...]
Tradd Moore On Venom #150 As Original Numbers And Eddie Brock Return (For Now) Plus Backup By Michelinie And Lim
First, there's this art by Tradd Moore: That comes along with a creative team, which sees current Venom artist Gerardo Sandoval drawing a backup written by Robbie Thompson, while Moore teams with current Venom writer Mike Costa on the main story: VENOM #150 MIKE COSTA, ROBBIE THOMPSON & DAVID MICHELINIE (W) TRADD MOORE, GERARDO SANDOVAL & RON LIM (A) Cover by GERARDO SANDOVAL Variant Cover[...]
Gerardo Sandoval, The New Artist On New Avengers After Secret Wars?
And the next one on the list is Gerardo Sandoval, on New Avengers. Sandoval recently drew Cable and X-Force and Guardians Of The Galaxy for Marvel as well as the Avengers Vs Attack On Titan story, recently reprinted for Free Comic Book Day. He also wrote and drew the Mexican comic book Colliders recently… Marvel gave us a "no comment."     [...]
Age Of Apocalypse From Fabian Nicieza And Gerardo Sandoval For Secret Wars?
When Leinil Yu tweeted he was working on a nineties style shoulder padded series for Marvel, we wondered if it it could be the previously teased Age Of Apocalypse series for Secret Wars. But its seems that Gerardo Sandoval stated he was working on Age of Apocalypse on Humberto Ramos' YouTube show Los Forasteros a couple of weeks ago… and we had[...]
The Original Guardians Return With Dan Abnett And Gerardo Sandoval
Well, if you're like me then you are getting those Guardians back in the new Guardians 3000 by Dan Abnett and Gerardo Sandoval. In this incarnation, The Guardians battle to liberate an enslaved galaxy from the menace of the Badoon! But what happens when they discover something behind the Badoon…something even worse than they could've ever[...]