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Writer's Commentary: Amy Chu Talks Green Hornet #4
It has covers by Mike McKone and Mike Choi and interiors by German Erramouspe. * * * * * I'm late again This time blame it on the librarians and the craziness of New Orleans Many of you have probably been to the Big Easy at one point in your life, but probably not too many have been to the[...]
Green Hornet
The issue has covers by Mike Choi and Carli Ihde, with interiors by German Erramouspe. * * * * * First, thank you all for the buzz and positivity for this series It's hard for us creators to gauge exactly how well we're really doing, which is partly why I like going to conventions and signings It puts me on[...]
Green Hornet #1 cover by Mike Choi
Kato, partner to Britt's father and mentor to Britt himself, is trying to keep both the company and the city together, but it may be time for someone else to step up to the mantle of Green Hornet. Green Hornet #1 cover by Mike Choi Amy Chu and German Erramouspe's relaunch of Green Hornet suffers from an[...]
I Seem To Have A Comic Published Today. Somewhere.
My first, Ark-To-Go, was drawn by German Erramouspe who is honestly, far too good for me and is more likely to be found drawing the likes of Disenchanted and Dark Gods And it's out today. Not in solicitations, not in PR, and it's only 6 pages long, The second half will appear in God Is Dead[...]
Dark Gods #4 Hits Comics Shops This Week
The series is illustrated by German Erramouspe and includes painted sequences by Michael DiPascale This issue is available with covers by Erramouspe, DiPascale or Christian Zanier. Dark Gods #4 There are things out there from the darkness which were never meant to return to the world of the living Justin Jordan has thrown the flood gates open[...]
The Snake Puppet God Glycon Revealed: Alan Moore Scripts Story For God Is Dead
God is Dead launched in 2013 with Jonathan Hickman and Mike Costa as writers, later taken on fully by Costa, and drawn by German Erramouspe, currently in its thirteenth issue this week. In August, a two-part significant addition to the story will include "Alpha" and "Omega" containing multiple stories of gods returned to earth, and encapsulated[...]
Simon Spurrier Talks His New Webseries Disenchanted
On October 28th, Simon Spurrier is launching his brand new webseries Disenchanted with artist German Erramouspe The series tells what happens to leprechauns, goblins, pixies and fey when people stop believing in them How they all end up in Vermintown, a vile city filled with a million one-inch malcontents Its a very un-Disney look at the[...]
Books That Found Me at NYCC – Afterlife With Archie, Amala's Blade, Roller Grrrls, Madefire Sketchbooks, Magic Words, Dogs of War, Forces of Nature, The New Crusaders and The Fox, Disenchanted
I'm a sucker for humor and attitude when it comes to hero stories, and these books have definitely gotten my attention. Disenchanted, by Simon Spurrier and German Erramouspe from Avatar Press [Avatar Press happen to own Bleeding Cool This book was free to fans at NYCC] I heard about Disenchanted for the first time in an Avatar Press[...]
Avatar Press Solicitations – Crossed: Badlands 41 & 42
David Hine and German Erramouspe bring us these twisted tales of terror. CROSSED: BADLANDS #41 Retail Price: $3.99 US Cover:  Matt Martin Writer: David Hine Art: German Erramouspe MR, Color, 32 pages ***In Stores November 13, 2013 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  DAVID HINE spins a bloody and dire tale from the beginning of the Crossed outbreak.  A group of American college kids abroad find themselves[...]
First Look at Avatar Covers for November
Avatar Press reveals the issue covers to all its new releases slated to be on store shelves in November, and live for pre-orders from comic shop retailers as of Diamond's September Previews catalog.     Stitched Volume 1 Graphic Novel Written by Garth Ennis and Adapted by Mike Wolfer Artwork by Mike Wolfer Softcover Edition, Hardcover Edition, and Signed Hardcover Edition Illustrated[...]