GI Joe: A Real American Hero

Is Doctor Mindbender a Traitor in Tomorrow's GI Joe: A Real American Hero #259?

Cobra mad scientist Doctor Mindbender has had a rough go of things lately. First, his predecessor, the deceased Doctor Venom, used his Brainwave Scanner to overwrite Mindbender's own brain patterns and take over his body. To add insult to injury, Venom wore a wig and dressed up like his old self, surely a major offense […]

The Superhero Dojo: 5 Quick Hacks To Fix The GI Joe Franchise

By Parker McCombe First off, let me begin by saying that around my home, Larry Hama is spoke of with almost god-like respect. While already into heavily into military and war comics, Hama's work on GI Joe in the eighties cemented my love for both this type of story and of comics itself. GI Joe […]