Niantic Is Suing A Group Of Hackers Over Pokémon GO Cheats

Niantic Is Suing A Group Of Hackers Over "Pokémon GO" Cheats

The story comes from Business Insider, who caught wind of the lawsuit against a group called Global++ If that name sounds familiar to hardcore gamers, it should, as they're the creators behind apps like PokeGo++ and "Ingress++, which give players tools for their accounts to basically cheat the system Here's a snippet from the article.[caption[...]

Amazon Studios Russo Brothers Team for Groundbreaking Global Television Franchise

Amazon Studios, Russo Brothers Team for "Groundbreaking Global Television Franchise"

The streaming service is teaming with The Russo Brothers' (Joe and Anthony Russo) AGBO Studios on what's being described as a "large-scope, international event series."Describing their collaboration as “a groundbreaking global television franchise,” Amazon promises that “the Russo Brothers will have the creative freedom to oversee an ambitious concept meant to … redefine the boundaries of storytelling.” In a[...]