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Explore Mythic Realms With HeroQuest Glorantha From Moon Design
It has since been used as the default setting for nearly every edition of the Runequest tabletop RPG, a video game called King of Dragon Pass. Originally called HeroWars, a rule system created by Glorantha creator Greg Stafford and game designer Robin Laws to better simulate Stafford's vision of the world of Glorantha[...]
Bleeding Gen Con Day Three – Is Gaming 'Graying'?
News that Fire Opal Media would be putting out a 13th Age supplement for Greg Stafford's seminal setting Glorantha is also making not running a 13th Age game difficult for me as well Really, if you like fantasy games and haven't picked up 13th Age…why haven't you? I was also able to meet a couple of[...]
Get A Bundle Full Of King Arthur Pendragon Malory Style
However, with the new bundle built around Greg Stafford's King Arthur Pendragon roleplaying game, I have to change this to saying "you could play for generations off of this bundle" instead. Built around the writing of Sir Thomas Malory and his Le Morte d'Arthur, King Arthur Pendragon celebrates the literary and Romantic roots of the Arthur[...]