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GRID Legends Announces Winter Bash Expansion Pack
Electronic Arts have released some new content for GRID Legends as players can get their hands on the Winter Bash Expansion Pack today This particular pack will be the fourth and final expansion for the game, as players will be able to get in on the snow-filled, action-packed content You'll get Ajeet Singh, the mechanic[...]
GRID Legends Announces "Rise Of Ravenwest" Expansion Pack
Codemasters and Electronic Arts announced a new expansion pack being added to GRID Legends as players will experience Rise Of Ravenwest This is an entirely new story-based expansion that further develops the history of Ravenwest, the most infamous team in the GRID World Series, as we explore how they managed to build themselves up through[...]
GRID Legends Unveils New Endurance Racing Game Mode
EA Sports and Codemasters have revealed a brand new update for GRID Legends as they have added a new endurance racing mode Being called Enduring Spirit, this new pack is a story-based and cross-platform multiplayer DLC that will have you competing in a long-distance race format, with you behind the wheel a lot longer than[...]
GRID Legends Launches New Photos Mode In Latest Update
EA Sports has added a brand new update to GRID Legends as players can experience a few new additions, such as a new photo mode Surprisingly, this is the first time they've ever had the option in the series, which is kind of amazing considering all of the fun things there are to do where[...]
GRID Legends Confirmed For February 2022 Release
Codemasters and Electronic Arts have released one final trailer for GRID Legends before the game comes out later this month The trailer shows off all of the highlights the game has to offer, such as the all-new race creator mode and the extensive story mode You'll also see some old favorites from the series as[...]
GRID Legends Confirmed For February 2022 Release
Codemasters and Electronic Arts confirmed today that they will be releasing GRID Legends on February 22nd, 2022 for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation The game is set to have an appeal for drivers of all levels, as you will be able to immediately jump behind the wheel of over 100 vehicles when the game launches, giving[...]