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Luke Cage #169 cover by Rahzzah
He's still slimy enough that it's fun watching Luke kick his ass, though. Luke Cage #169 art by Guillermo Sanna and Marcio Menyz Guillermo Sanna's artwork is allowed to shine all the more in the extended action sequences in Luke Cage #169 He gets creative with the action sequences, and his gritty style continues to fit the[...]
Luke Cage #168 cover by Rahzzah
While the overall plot of "Caged!" is engaging and could still deliver a good continuation next issue, this book was just dull. Luke Cage #168 art by Guillermo Sanna and Miroslav Mrva Guillermo Sanna's art remains gritty and full of personality He plays with shadows quite well in this one, and the details are never skimped on[...]
luke cage david f. walker
Walker, Nelson Blake II, and Guillermo Sanna all deserved to see this book succeed It was grounded, Luke Cage is a fantastic protagonist, and the art was consistently solid. Luke Cage cover art by Rahzzah This comes on the heels of a slew of other cancellations, including the possible killing of Defenders with Bendis' departure from Marvel[...]
Luke Cage #167 cover by Rahzzah
He is made into an intimidating and fun villain in this comic. Luke Cage #167 art by Guillermo Sanna and Marcio Menyz Guillermo Sanna's artwork continues to be gritty and atmospheric in this issue The world looks rough and lived-in, and there is a dower nature to it which fits the story near-perfectly He also knows how[...]
Marvel Legacy Luke Cage #166 Review: A Man In The Wrong Small Town
You'll definitely be surprised, though. A new artist comes on this issue, that artist being Guillermo Sanna There is a texture and detail to his work that makes the world just a little grittier, and it fits Luke Cage, his world, and where is head is at right now He also knows how to show off[...]
Bullseye Takes Aim at Marvel in February
By Joe Glass Bullseye#1 cover by Dave Johnson This February, Bullseye gets his own 5 issue mini from Marvel, from writer Ed Brisson and artists Guillermo Sanna which has the infamous assassin setting out to show the world they should still fear him. But the series will also feature back up stories by comics legend and Bullseye co-creator[...]