Marvel Legacy Luke Cage #166 Review: A Man In The Wrong Small Town

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Cover to Luke Cage #166 by Rahzzah

After the events in New Orleans with Doctor Burstein, Luke Cage has decided to take a road trip on the way back to New York. He passes through a small Mississippi town where things seem just a little…off. He is hassled by the police, and a woman in a diner asks him for help. The question is: help with what?

David F. Walker shows that he is getting into the swing of writing a solo comic about Luke Cage here with a pensive tale of Luke trying to recollect himself in the midst of a bizarre crisis. The pacing is timed out well, with Luke's headspace established and cast against the beginnings of the conflict. The conflict is relevant to him as a person in many ways, and it's intriguing for it.

Oh, there is also a lot of ass-kicking courtesy of the Power Man himself. We get to see him show his full strength and take out a lot of punks who chose the wrong man to throw down with.

There is a recognizable villain behind all of these problems, but I won't spoil who it is here. You'll definitely be surprised, though.

A new artist comes on this issue, that artist being Guillermo Sanna. There is a texture and detail to his work that makes the world just a little grittier, and it fits Luke Cage, his world, and where is head is at right now. He also knows how to show off Luke's amazing strength. Nelson Blake II had a good tenure on the title, but Sanna is already promising to be a worthy replacement.

Luke Cage has a promising future ahead of it in the hands of Mr. Walker and Mr. Sanna. The story and dialogue works, and the art puts those elements into visuals worthy of the Power Man himself. I highly recommend this one when it comes out. Give it a read.

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